Below is a YouTube video in which Michael Reccia, a trance medium who channels an advanced spirit guide known as Joseph, discusses his 4th book in The Joseph Communications series – "The Fall." Topics discussed include the true creation story, our existence as perfect angelic/spiritual beings (co-creators with God through mental thought), the heaviness of the "Field," good and evil as tools for creation, the Fall as a failed experiment by us angelic beings, and many other important issues.

Joseph says that our physical world is like a stage for us where we can learn and experience. The problem is that due to the Fall (our failed experiment) and the Field (our dense matter reality), we have forgotten who we truly are and we are stuck on this stage as actors acting in one reincarnation "performance" after another. This forgetfulness has created an unnecessary separation from God and has resulted in a negative impact on our spiritual progress. But God does not judge us since we are all part of God. Instead, we judge ourselves.

Joseph's key message is that we need to remember who we truly are, change our ways and show more light, love and forgiveness to others. When we return to Spirit, we need to consider whether it is really in our best interest to reincarnate again. After all, we have God's gift of free will and so we may choose whether to return for another incarnation experience, where we will once again be cut off from Source. We are part of the Divine. Our true purpose is to act as an illumination for others – to help others remember. The aim of "The Fall" book is to reconcile us with our true self, with our true family, with our true potential, and to reconcile, with the rest of the creative universe this area of distorted matter or vibration described as "The Fall."

Joseph also warns us that we are about to face destruction on a physical level again. This is because we continue to place too much faith in the initial experiment, on a soul level and on an angelic level. It is an illusion. It has happened before.