According to Wikipedia, a sage is someone who has attained the wisdom which a philosopher seeks. Suffice it to say that a sage is someone who is very wise.

We use the term “spiritual sage” to describe a personality – a teacher, consciousness explorer, guide or other expert – who has attained key wisdom about spiritual concepts or truths, and who provides this wisdom to all humans. A spiritual sage may be in either human or spirit form. So far, we have identified and researched the following spiritual sages for our website:

Shared Their Spiritual Wisdom While In Human Form:

  • Edgar Cayce (the 20th century "sleeping prophet”)
  • Allan Kardec (the 19th century author and the founder of Spiritism)
  • Dr. George King (the 20th century yoga master)
  • Robert Monroe (the 20th century out-of-body consciousness explorer)
  • Emanuel Swedenborg (the 18th century Swedish scientist/mystic)

Shared Their Spiritual Wisdom While In Spirit Form:

  • Joseph (a spirit guide/teacher) – channeled by Michael Reccia
  • Metatron (an Archangel) – channeled by James Tyberonn
  • Seth (a teacher) – channeled by Jane Roberts (dec.)
  • The Guide (a guide) – channeled by Eva Pierrakos (dec.)

In each case, the spiritual sage's wisdom is promoted and supported in a modern day context, often by a foundation, society or other non-proft organization. We fully expect to add additional names to this great list of spiritual sages as we develop this website.