Our spirit guides monitor us to ensure we are not in harm's way or experiencing emotional difficulty. They are also concerned with our spiritual growth and are prepared to help us with it.

As we understand it – they have the ability to telepathically read our thoughts and send us thoughts and images to consider (in the form of inspiration, guidance or suggestions). They can observe/participate in our dreams. To a degree, they can move objects and manifest other signs or physical patterns for us to observe. They can respond to/manipulate the results of our divination tools. They can also heal us, either directly or by working with healing guides and human healers. They can also communicate through mediums and channelers.

Spirit guides can interact with our higher self/selves residing in higher spirit realms. They can also interact with our loved ones in Spirit plus other evolved spirit beings – including angels, ascended masters, master guides, teachers and other guides.

We each have our own life guide assigned to us for our current incarnation though in some cases that guide may be assisting more than one human. Our life guide has usually been incarnated on earth before and will therefore appreciate the human perspective. Other support guides and teachers are coordinated by our life guide and may come and go as needed. Spirit guides are well-trained and have pledged to follow the spirit guide creed. Spirit guides must not interfere with us exercising our own free will, however, they can make suggestions and influence us, subject to any restrictions in soul level agreements we have made with them prior to incarnating.

Annie Stillwater Gray says that it is quite common for spirit guides to work together, for example, in a family setting. She also emphasizes that every person's relationship with his/her guide or loved one is unique and circumstances change daily. Further, you may develop a communication method for your guide that works for you but may not work for others. 

In order to better understand the spirit guide perspective, we should understand the creed which all spirit guides pledge their allegiance to.

“As Spirit Guides, we walk in the light.
We come to the earth plane to guide humans.
We work always from uncompromising, unconditional love.
We are non-judgemental.
We do not frighten or scare anyone. 
We stay close to the humans we watch over, stepping back when they request privacy.
We use all of our resources as Spirit Guides to help and to heal.”
- The Spirit Guide Creed
Education of a Guardian Angel (by Annie Stillwater Gray)


As our overseers, spirit guides help pull together our loved ones in Spirit when we cross over. They continue to guide and help us as we transition over to the other side of life.

The most important point about spirit guides is that you can talk to your own guides anytime. They are always willing to listen and help! They also love to communicate with you.

Some people go through their entire lives without ever realizing they have spirit guides.



Please see our "Joseph" page here under our RESOURCES navigation links. That page explains in greater detail the nature of how spirit guides operate and influence us. You may also wish to read Annie Stillwater Gray's book "Education of a Guardian Angel – The Training of a Spirit Guide" for additional insight into spirit guides.

Here is a link to an excellent online podcast by Teri Uktena called "Free Will, Spirit Guides, and How to Work With Them."

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I have read some online material about the belief that our guides cannot always be trusted. That either their intentions are not always pure or their advice is not always the best. I have not personally experienced anything that would confirm this type of thinking.

Annie Stillwater Gray makes the point that our guides are well-trained and work in our best interests. They are required to follow The Spirit Guide Creed (see above). They must also honour our soul agreements and spiritual law.

In any event, it is important to communicate with your guides and let them know if you feel you require a change in your relationship with them. Communication is important in any form of relationship including the one we have with our guides. If you notice any recurring patterns in your life which tend to be negative, e.g. personal relationships, my suggestion is to ask yourself what is really going on and why. Analyze the situation without your ego. Then, ask your guides to clarify the situation and let them know you require additional help or alternatively ask them to step back and not get involved until further instruction. Then see if your latest instructions change the negative recurring pattern to one of greater success.