This is a journal for sharing some recent SIE experiences after December 1, 2016. Most recent LPMs are at the bottom of this webpage.


DATE: Tue. Dec 6, 2016, approx. 9:30 P.M.

EVENT (SIE): License Plate Message (LPM)


OBSERVATIONS: This evening I went to help the bookkeeper at my wife's cousin's ballet school, another non-profit organization. After that, I went to A&W (College and Ossington) for some late dinner. At about 9:30 PM, I walked back out to my car and started to open my driver side door when I noticed a car right in front of mine, with its engine and lights running. The license plate read "BKKY 603". I quickly sat down in my driver's seat, and mentally made note of the plate as the car immediately pulled away. I wrote the licence plate # down on the back of a pack of gum. Somehow it seemed familiar. When I got home, I looked at the LPM more closely.


  • "BKKY 603" = "Bettina Kuypers" + "KuYpers" + Angel Number 603

INTERPRETATION: Angel Number 603 is a message from my angels and the Ascended Masters that I are being assisted with staying focused upon my Divine life purpose. Stay centered and grounded, balanced and steady and things will fall into place in my life. A positive attitude will manifest positive results. Angel Number 603 is a message that my prayers and affirmations have been heard and positive results, solutions and answers are being manifested by the Universe. Listen to the guidance from the angels and Ascended Masters and ask for help and assistance when needed. All you need to do is ask. Keep the line of communication with your angels open and clear and trust that all of your needs will be met in your life as required. Love honours and expresses joy, and manifests itself through acts of kindness, delight, trust, respect and patience. Use loving affirmations to help to purify and focus my thoughts and desires. Affirmations help me to believe in the potential of the desires I wish to manifest.

This is a positive message from Spirit that it is helping me to stay focused on my spiritual life purpose, which now includes my work for the Spiritual Influence Society. I am advised to keep a positive attitude and use prayer and affirmations to manifest continued positive results. Spirit is certainly aware of the founders' recent spiritual work for the Society and our helping to spread key spiritual concepts (i.e. via the new web site) to others.

There were actually three LPM's that I witnessed spread over a two-day period. While I was having my meal at A&W, I was thinking about yesterday's two LPMs. It is stunning to me that a short time later a car seems to be waiting outside for me and further that the LPM "BK 603" is a continuation of yesterday's LPM "BKKY 950". Spirit is certainly aware of my propensity to make note of any license plates that contain "BK" and so it is now relatively easy for Spirit to catch my attention. Spirit tends to quietly work with whatever messaging method is simple, easy and effective (i.e. likely to be noticed). Spirit also tends to be subtle, so that finding and interpreting the message is like solving a small puzzle. There is joy in this endeavour.


DATE: Mon. Dec 5, 2016, approx. 4:00 P.M.

EVENT (SIE): License Plate Message (LPM)


OBSERVATIONS: While driving to my chess club, where each Monday evening I serve at the Front Desk, I saw two suspected LPMs – "BKKY 950" and "BKLM 274" with a couple of minutes of each other. When I got home around 3:00 A.M. Tuesday morning, I checked the angel numbers.


  • "BKKY 950" =  "Bettina Kuypers" + "KuYpers" + Angel Number 950
  • "BKLM 274" = "Bettina Kuypers" + "Laura Mary" + Angel Number 274; "Laura Mary" is the first and middle name of my wife's sister.

INTERPRETATION: Angel Number 950 is a message from the angels that I am being fully supported with my life choices and Divine soul mission. Make my life purpose my main priority and continue with the great work I have been doing. Show others with my example how to create and live from a place of love and light. Angel Number 950 resonates with my life purpose and my duties as a lightworker. Listen to the guidance from the angels if feeling any doubts or confusion about the steps to take along your path, and trust that the angels are always available to assist me. All I need to do is ask. Any changes that need to take place will happen in Divine right time. Express myself with honesty and integrity and live my life as a positive example to others. 

Angel Number 274 tells me to "keep up the great work!" Keep my thoughts positive and focused as they are having wonderful effects on my life. My intuition has been strong and I have used your inner-knowing and inner-wisdom constructively and productively. Continue to have faith and trust in my abilities, skills and talents, and know that I am walking my life path and serving my life mission with purpose and persistence. Well done! Put my focus on believing that I will achieve success and positive results, and put my energy into taking positive action towards my goals.

The interpretation of these two LPMs is that Spirit is happy with my life choices and my spiritual development work, including the Society's website. I am being advised to continue being a light worker and that Spirit is monitoring my work and is available to assist.


DATE: Wed. Dec 7, 2016, approx. 10:30 P.M.

EVENT (SIE): License Plate Message (LPM)


OBSERVATIONS: This evening I attended a private chess lesson at U of T. When the lesson finished at about 9:30 P.M., I drove to McDonalds for a meal and then I went home. As I approached my building, I thought about the unlikely possibility that I would get one of the prime street parking spots in front. They are usually all taken by 6:00 P.M. each evening, so I end up parking further away. Luckily, there was one last spot available right at the end of the street parking strip. I pulled a u-turn and drove into the lone spot. That's when I noticed that the license plate of the car in front of me read "BKDY 842". This was the third day in a row that I had experienced a suspected LPM. I took a picture of the plate with my iPhone and went inside to investigate the message further.


  • "BKDY 842" = "Bettina Kuypers" + "Derek" + "You" (meaning me) + Angel Number 842; Derek was our favourite teddy bear and he continues to live with me.

INTERPRETATION: I initially thought this was not the strongest LPM I have received, however, the fact that I got the last parking spot was in itself almost a miracle. For a "BK" plate to be waiting for me in this instance meant that this was likely a valid SIE. When I looked up the Angel #, I was pleasantly surprised and received a validation of my experience.

Angel Number 842 suggests that my strong connection with the angels has manifested blessings and positive abundance in my life. The faith and trust I have shown in the guidance I have received, and the actions I have taken have ensured long-term rewards. These blessings are to be shared with loved ones and put to good use. Invest in myself and my spiritual quest or career. Angel Number 842 brings a message to find healthy, creative and productive ways to express my true feelings and emotions and be honest and sincere with both myself and others. Living my life in harmony with myself and others brings a deep sense of gratitude in every aspect. Look for strengths rather than weaknesses in both myself and others. Let go of judgement and accept that we are all different and unique and we all have our own paths to follow and life lessons to learn. Open myself up to others and allow them to know who I truly am. Angel Number 842 is a message to keep up the great work I have been doing in order to achieve the success I desire. My prayers and positive affirmations have been heard and are being responded to by the angels and Universal Energies. Find balance in all that I do and expect wonderful blessings of all kinds to enter my life. I deserve them.

This was a great way for Spirit to show support for the spiritual work I have been doing, and to remind me of my life lessons of – not judging others, finding balance in my life, and that we are each following our own path. These are three important lessons I have been consciously working on. Truly an uplifting and personally relevant message!


DATE: Sat. Dec 10, 2016, various times during afternoon (4)/evening (2)

EVENT (SIE): License Plate Message (LPM)


OBSERVATIONS: I saw four in the afternoon very close together ("BKLT 398", "BKZE 898", BKRL 594" and "BVWP 599") going to the chiropractor/shopping, then two in the evening when I went to IKEA ("BKMA 564" and "BKDV 663"). I also saw another plate flashed at me in the form "??BK ###" i the afternoon, but I didn't have time to get the full plate recorded. That's a lot of LPMs (7) for four hours total driving.


  • "BVWP 599" = "Bettina" + "Valentina" + "With" + "P" (short for Pudgie or Pudgie Bear, my nickname) + Angel Number 599

INTERPRETATION: The most significant message is "BVWP 599". Valentina was a lovely woman who passed a few months ago due to brain cancer. She befriended both Bettina and I during Bettina's last days in hospital. She was Bettina's roomate at that time. Valentina had been fighting her cancer for several years before it spread to her brain. I was good friends with her until her passing.

Angel Numbers 398 and 898 both deal with this being a good time for me to begin a new spiritually-based practice, career or profession. I interpret this to mean that our new Society and website is an excellent plan for my new spiritual endeavour. Angel Number 564 suggests that my hard work, will and efforts are being acknowledged and rewarded. Angel Numbers 594 and 663 are both messages for me to shift my focus from material to spiritual, and trust that my needs will be met. I am fully supported by the angels.

Angel Number 599 indicates that changes made to my life will align me with my life mission, and the angels encourage me to live and fulfill my lightworking duties and destiny. It is time to shift my focus from the material to the spiritual. Angel Number 599 may also be suggesting that if I have been dreaming of a different career or profession, opportunities may arise that will lead me in my desired direction.

A very consistent and joyful message indeed.


DATE: Tue. Dec 20, 2016, approx 7:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

EVENT (SIE): License Plate Message (LPM)


OBSERVATIONS: This evening I was having a discussion with Kathryn and some friends about spiritual topics. I explained some of the Joseph concepts (The Fall and The Field) plus some additional concepts about reincarnation. We had a really good discussion and certainly enjoyed each other's company. I think Spirit was very happy with our discussion since we were teaching our friends some new spiritual concepts and also honing our own communication skills. I say this because I got seven (7) LPMs while driving home afterwards. The seven LPMs were: "BKAB 988", "BKWT 069", "BKJT 428", "BKZB 437", "BKYT 670", "BKLY 316" and finally "BBDB 599". That's a lot of LPMs over a 1-hour drive. Note the alphabetic group patterns – "BKZB" and "BKAB" and also – "BKJT", "BKWT" and "BKYT". Only "BKLY" seems to not be part of a smaller group. "BBDB 599" has a special meaning for me, as explained below. Another amazing observation was that at one point on the Queensway, three of the BKS-plated vehicles were momentarily lined up 1-2-3 in the left lane beside me (I was in the right lane) while we were driving at speed.


  • For each individual license plate, "BK" = "Bettina Kuypers" (my wife's name), same as always. For the 5 messages in two groups, the important thing is not the remaining two letters themselves but the consistent pattern for each group. An amazing sequence of several license plates over a 1-hour driving period.
  • The final LPM – "BBDB 599" = "Benjamin Bunny" + "Derek Bear" + Angel Number 599. Note that this is the same Angel Number as the December 10, 2016 LPM (see "BVWP 599" above on this webpage).

INTERPRETATION: The final message is truly special. Benjamin Bunny and Derek Bear were two of our dearest teddies. They continue to live with me. In the picture below, Benjamin Bunny is the rabbit wearing the pink bow and Derek Bear is the large bear in overalls.









As above, Angel Number 599 indicates that changes made to my life will align me with my life mission, and the angels encourage me to live and fulfill my lightworking duties and destiny. It is time to shift my focus from the material to the spiritual. Angel Number 599 may also be suggesting that if I have been dreaming of a different career or profession, opportunities may arise that will lead me in my desired direction.

Angel Number 988 may be an indication that a significant phase in my life has come to an end, or will do so soon. Other related and unrelated issues or situations will also draw to a close as a result. Angel Number 988 may also be implying that I am going through a chain of events where many parts of my life are slowing and stopping.  

These endings will allow for new opportunities to appear in my life that will open doors to new beginnings that will be beneficial in every way. This is happening for reasons which will become evident soon. Angel Number 988 brings a message from the angels to prompt me towards fulfilling my true soul’s calling and asks me to focus upon my life purpose as a lightworker. They ask me to trust that my efforts and intentions will advance me along my spiritual path and will ensure success as well as the manifestation of my goals and desires.

The other Angel Numbers in these LPMs are all messages of a similar theme.

I believe Spirit's intention was to ensure that I saw a series of messages over a relatively short period of time that could not have been interpreted as a random event. Spirit also knew I would document this wonderful LPM on this SIE Journal page. It is clear that Spirit has a plan for me to follow and I am grateful for this.


I decided to include this LPM experience because, after the "BK OK" LPM, it is probably the most significant one I have received to date. People who know me understand that I am an honest person and would not make up "experiences" like this or any other. This time, I was unable to take any pics with my iPhone as things happened so quickly while I was driving. I had to write down the license plates on the back of an old parking stub.




DATE: Fri. Jan 6, 2017, Wed. Jan 11, 2017 and Sun. Jan 15, 2017.

EVENT (SIE): Multiple License Plate Messages (LPMs)



A) Trip to Waterloo to see Ruth McRae, Founder: Fri., Jan 6, 2016

- BKFH 775 (775 = life choices I am making/considering are right; will benefit me and my loved ones)
- BKLV 598 (598 = message from my angels that a significant phase/cycle change is occurring; angels surround me with love and positive energies)
- BXXX 599 (599 = I am a lightworker; time to begin a new spiritual practice and/or career; it is time to shift my focus from the material to the spiritual)

- These LPMs were noticed by me after a day of intermittent grab bar falls.

B) Trip to/from Dentist: Wed., Jan 11, 2017
- To: BKBK 775 - while on car speaker phone with Kathryn (775 = trust the changes in my life and soul mission; long-term benefits will be brought to me and my loved ones) - we were discussing the SIS website and also whether the recent grab bar activity was due to Bettina or my spirit guide, Jono, and then suddenly the license plate appears right in front of me - stunning!
- From: BKMZ 278, then a few minutes later saw three cars pass from left at Dundas/Parliament - 2 BK plates plus custom plate that said "REAL 4 U" pass through intersection one after another while at red light; (278 = I have been helping, assisting and serving others and living my life with love, compassion and commitment; my actions are leading to an influx of material abundance. Be grateful and share with others.)

C) Trip to Laundromat: Sun., Jan 15, 2017
- While driving to laundromat, a 20-minute drive, starting at approximately 4:30 P.M.
- These LPMs were noticed by me after a day of intermittent grab bar falls throughout the day:

- BKDS 874 (874 = manifesting prosperity, angels happy with my efforts)
- BXXX 947 (see above BXXX 599), (947 = angels are supporting my path of spiritually-based practices/carreer); immediately followed by ...
- BXXP 194 (194 = I should use my lightworking talents, skills, etc.)
- BKLT 379 (379 = my intuition about my spiritual life purpose are correct)
- BXPB 375 (375 = major life changes being considered are the right ones for me; some old projects need to be cleaned up first)
- BKSY 457 (457 = changes in my life are consistent with my divine life plan; listen to intuition and angelic guidance and trust the messages)
- BXKS 878 (878 = I have learned how to successfully interpret Divine guidance and have incorporated into your daily life)
- BKHX 023 (023 = angels and ascended masters are helping me with maintaining my faith and trust in the Universe)
- BWKF 543 (543 = I should use my creativity to touch others everywhere)
- BKTV 267 (267 = keep up the positive affirmations, visualizations and prayers and trust that my daily needs in life will be met), immediately followed by ... 
- BKTV 028 (028 = my self-belief, confidence and positive attitude have ensured that abundance will enter my life)


  • For each individual license plate, "BK" = "Bettina Kuypers" (my wife's name), same as always. 
  • "PB" or "P" = "Pudgie Bear" (my nickname).
  • "LV" = love.
  • "KF" = reverse of "Francine Kuypers."
  • "BKXS" = "Bettina Kuypers-Supol" with "X" as a placeholder or space.
  • "H" = "Hubertina."
  • "X" is often used as a placeholder or like a space; 3 of them ("XXX") is a play on the word "x-rated" – it is an attention grabber.


It is interesting how some LPMs on a later date have the same letter base as preceding date, e.g. BXXX. It is also interesting how two plates follow each other with a similar structure, often a minute or less apart. I had to be really observant and ready to write down the LPMs each time.

On Jan. 15, 2017, the large number of LPMs over such a short time frame is significant.

It is also important to note that the various LPMs were received after significant grab bar activity. My interpretation is that Bettina has been around me a lot. Spirit is clearly happy with my hard work on the Society and its website.

To me, the most striking LPM was the BKBK plate which appeared while Kathryn and I were on the phone talking about Bettina. This confirms that Spirit is reading our thoughts and acting on them on a real-time basis. Immediate confirmation. So stunning!


As always, the grab bar activity which accompanies the LPMs is a confirmation of Spirit (especially Bettina's spirit being close at hand). I know that she comes to watch and guide me, typically every 1-2 weeks, usually for a day or two at the most. She is helping me with my life transition. Having a physical confirmation like this keeps me grounded in the work and remembering that Spirit, in one form or another, is often close at hand.