Science is a good thing, but it doesn't give us the total picture. It's also not the only means of obtaining truth. Below are some things to consider.

  • Joseph, an evolved spirit guide who is channeled by the Band of Light, says..

  • I recently read a powerful article called "The Science Scam" by ncu9nc available hereIn that article, the author starts off by saying...
...The science scam is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated in the history of humankind and it has done incalculable harm to individuals and to our civilization. This hoax has been carried out by scientists who deny the true nature of human consciousness revealed by the existence of ESP and the afterlife and it has been going on since at least the 1860's.
How many billions of people suffer unnecessary grief for lost loved ones who are not really dead but are continuing their existence in another dimension?
How many billions of people live in fear of death unnecessarily because they are ignorant of the empirical evidence showing there is an afterlife?
How many people suffer unnecessarily from ethnic and religious conflicts that would cease if everyone knew the true nature of the soul and its evolution?
How much cruelty continues to be inflicted on victims that would never be inflicted if people understood that when you hurt another person you also hurt yourself?
How much selfishness continues to exist that would cease if people understood that you prepare the conditions you will experience in the afterlife by the actions you take in the physical life? ”

- ncu9nc 

(The Science Scam -

ncu9nc goes on to give explanations for many things, including... the evidence for the afterlife, proof of ESP and how ESP shows that consciousness is not produced by the brain, what near death experiencers have to say about reincarnation, and so much more. ncu9nc offers that we might be surprised to learn how much solid evidence there is proving the existence of spirits and the afterlife. Please visit ncu9nc's website here.

“...Science has to allow the spiritual aspect to infiltrate into its machinations: the understanding that the scientist is part of God, the science that he/she is examining is part of God, and that creation is not complex but is a projection, an illusion and a temporary set-up to allow experience. The scientist is having an experience by examining his small view of science but it is the wrong experience – it is a limiting experience.”

- Joseph

(From Michael Reccia's "The Joseph Communications : The Fall", Band of Light Media LImited, 2011)

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