AFTERLIFE RESOURCES-9 (More of the best we've found...)

16. Uktena (Teri), Weekly email blast, signup at

We’ve really enjoyed reading Teri’s weekly email blast which arrives in our emails every Saturday morning at 7:00 A.M.

Teri’s email blasts deal with a variety of subjects including, for example, learning to read one’s Akashic Records (soul books), soul contracts, soul mates, past lives, importance of meditation, manifestation, and our mission on earth plane. She also does great guided meditations to your own Akashic room, where you will also meet an animal guide.

Although there are many fine books that deal with the Akashic records, my suggestion is to go to Teri’s website and read her email blasts. This is one of the best sources of information on this topic.

Teri is an experienced and talented shamanic practitioner and spiritual teacher.

This is an important website with many videos of interviews by Olson with authors who have published works on afterlife subjects.

Spending some time watching Afterlife TV videos will help build your afterlife knowledgebase quickly.

15. Penczak (Christopher), Spirit Allies – Meet Your Team from the Other Side, Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC, 2002, 209 pages.

Another excellent book which first discusses the structure of the universe including the veil between the physical realm and the spiritual world. It then goes on to describe who or what are spirit allies. Our spirit allies come with many gifts. They have the benefit of another viewpoint, beyond traditional space and time and beyond traditional needs and worries.

Penczak does an excellent job of explaining how to communicate with our spirit allies, especially spirit guides. Spirit guides often use humor to get a point across. Laughter is an expression of love. Sometimes our guides may lead us down an untrue path. They will not lie to us, but they may let us come to our own wrong conclusions to help point out a mistake. Guides are individuals – they are not perfect and may make mistakes too. A true spirit guide respects The Law of Free Will.

Spirit Allies is a comprehensive reference book.

14. Olson (Bob), Afterlife TV,