AFTERLIFE RESOURCES-8 (More of the best we have found...)

12. Monroe (Robert), Whole Brain – Integrating the Right and Left Brain with Hemi-Sync Sound Patterns, Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc., 1993, 261 pages.

This is an important TMI research book which discusses the synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the human brain using certain specific targeted sound signals. Research has shown that Hemi-Sync can be an effective tool for managing pain, increasing focus and concentration, and inducing altered states of consciousness. It also helps to quiet the mind and enjoy deeper meditative and dream experiences.

TMI has a number of new digital Hemi-Sync audio files available for sample, purchase and download. Examples include, meditation, concentration, baroque music, cancer treatment, etc. TMI's Gateway consciousness exploration training programs utilize Monroe's Hemi-Sync technology even today.

We have a separate Monroe OBE/OOBE resource webpage here.

13. Moss (Robert), The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead, Destiny Books, 2005, 320 pages.

A wonderful book about using dreams to connect with our deceased loved ones. This was one of the first spiritual books I read.

Moss remarks that the dead are alive in our dreams and this is the first evidence that soul and consciousness survive physical death. He also explains that there are thirteen (13) key reasons why the dead come calling for us, and he goes on to explain each one, e.g. #4 To settle unfinished business, #8 To prepare us for death, #10 To show us their afterlife realm, etc. Moss explains some useful techniques for dream re-entry which can be used to re-enter a potent dream that we remember even many years later. We can learn much from these re-entries. He also discusses conscious dream journeys to a Dream Library, where you can ask to examine your own Book of Life (Akashic Records).

Moss is a well-known dream teacher and he runs various related workshops and training programs. He has developed courses in the practice of “active dreaming.” He says… “Active Dreaming is a discipline, as is yoga or archeology or particle physics. This is to say that there are ascending levels of practice. In any field, the key to mastery is always the same: practice, practice, practice.”