AFTERLIFE RESOURCES-7 (More of the best we've found...)

Meder, a psychic medium, has this excellent blog from February 6, 2014. In it, she confirms that a visit to us by a loved one in spirit requires a lot of energy to be expended. That energy is used by our loved one to travel to the physical realm, shift their energetic vibration so they can be felt, move objects or make noise if possible.

Moreover, the four (4) most common occasions when we are visited by deceased loved ones are:

1. When we are alone and not distracted too much (i.e. at night and in the early morning) and therefore are likely to notice or feel the presence (or signature) of a loved one.

2. When we are sleeping or dreaming. Sometimes, when we are asleep, a loved one may try to awaken us. Or our loved one may just want to be beside us while we are sleeping. Dream time is also an excellent time to communicate.

3. During a difficult time, e.g. during a time of transition or crisis, a time of reflection, a time of questioning. However, if our difficult time is our grieving, it may be difficult for our loved one to connect with us.

4. During memorable events, e.g. family occasions, birthdays, celebrations, etc.

Meder reminds us that our loved ones want to connect with us and they will use the most likely methods that we will notice. She has also developed A Guide to Life After Death in which she answers more than fifty (50) of the most commonly asked questions from ranging from crossing over to connection.