AFTERLIFE RESOURCES-5 (More of the best we've found...)

8. Gray (Annie Stillwater), Education of a Guardian Angel – The Training of a Spirit Guide, Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2014, 600 pages.

This is a wonderful book by Annie Stillwater Gray (Annie) that explains how each of us is born on Earth with an assigned spirit guide, our “life guide”, to watch over us during our embodiment. spirit guides have generally lived on earth plane before so they understand our human perspective. 

In the book, we follow a spirit, Darcimon Stillwater (Darci), from his death on Earth in 1836 through his training as a spirit guide and his ultimate reunion with his soul mate (a spirit called “Angel”). Angel reincarnates on Earth in 1946 as Annie with Darci, her spirit guide, in tow. Annie learns to communicate with Darci telepathically and later writes this book using information channeled from him. Their current mission on Earth is to communicate how spirit guides work with their assigned humans.

9. Gray (Annie Stillwater), The Dawn Book – Information from the Master Guides, Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2015, 309 pages.

The Dawn Book is an important book for our spiritual education since it deals with an upcoming significant transformation to our Earth system, and how we humans need to adapt our lives and spiritual practices so that we can change life on Earth in a positive manner. The information presented by Annie was channeled from her life guide, Darcimon Stillwater (Darci), and represents collective wisdom from the Master Guides.

The Appendix of The Dawn Book provides an excellent overview of Annie’s relationship with Darci including how they developed it over the course of Annie’s present lifetime on Earth. It includes commentary by both Annie and Darci, who makes it clear that humans and their spirit guides need to reach out to each other and join together in light and love.

This is a true story and a very significant volume of afterlife knowledge. A lot of great information about how the afterlife works, in particular the spirit guide realm and creed, and the hierarchy of Spirit. The concepts of birth and death imprints are also well covered. Follow-up books from Annie are also being written. This is my favorite spiritual book and a wonderful love story.

There is no more profound a relationship than the one between a human and their spirit guide. The Appendix does very well to explain the purpose of both The Dawn Book and the Education of a Guardian Angel book previously mentioned in reference #8 above.

The Dawn Book helps the reader develop a stronger spiritual perspective. It also provides insight into chakras and adopting best practice techniques for meditation. We are advised to take some quiet time each day to go deep within ourselves to find the calm. This means daily meditation and prayer.