7. Eaton (Barry), Afterlife – Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death, Penguin Group (USA), 2011, 288 pages.

Eaton presents to his readers his research and experiences on the greatest journey of them all.

Eaton says it is amazing to him that so many people believe that absolutely nothing happens after death. They appear happy to accept that after dying the lights simply go out and we completely cease to exist in any way. The idea that we can be born into such a wonderful world strongly indicates life is not a random event. The clockwork nature of the cosmos does not support the idea of chaos. Life on earth is not some kind of biological accident on a random planet in the solar system. There is a meaning and a purpose to it all.

Eaton comments that people with dogmatic beliefs can be some of the most difficult people to help in the afterlife and some of the slowest learners. In earth terms, they can be sitting around in afterlife settings for years, still going to church, still feeling they need those institutions.

This is great writing with great meaning. I wish all my religious friends would read this book to gain some fresh perspective. Eaton also wrote a great follow-up book to this one in 2015 – No Goodbyes – Life Changing Insights from the Other Side.

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