AFTERLIFE RESOURCES-3 (More of the best we have found...)

5. Bragdon (Emma), The Call of Spiritual Emergency – From Personal Crisis to Personal Transformation, Second Edition, Lightening Up Press, 2013, 301 pages.

Bragdon’s book deals with the topics spiritual emergence and spiritual emergency.

This is an excellent book for those readers who want to better understand the nature of these two transformative processes.

Helpful to those experiencing spiritual trauma.

6. Chauran (Alexandra), How to Talk to Me After I’m Gone – Creating a Plan for Spirit Communication, Llewellyn Publications, 2014, 225 pages.

Chauran points out that if we recently lost a loved one, our initial communications may include a lot of unfinished business, goodbyes, apologies, and regrets. But as time progresses, we should treat that loved one as just another important person who happens to live on a different plane of existence. Chauran also provides a crash course on spirit communication with deceased loved ones.

Divination techniques can be used to amplify and clarify a perceived ghostly presence into an actual message. Different grounding (e.g. visual, tactile, kinesthetic) and centering techniques can also be applied to improve the quality and duration of spirit communication. Creating a sacred space and using prayer to your higher power is also recommended before attempting spirit communication.

Dreams can be an effective way to experience spirit communication. It is important to use a dream journal as soon as you wake up to record your dream. Dream communication is accessible to anyone, including those who don’t feel they have any natural spirit communication ability. This feels safe since you only dream while asleep and thus you don’t have to worry about seeing a ghost (or other form of spirit) while awake (if you don’t want to), which experience could be frightening for some.

Meditation combined with prayer is the author’s go-to method for communicating with the spirits of loved ones. As a bonus, meditation is very good for you in and of itself. You’ll receive the benefits of lower blood pressure and reduced stress, all while talking to a beloved spirit. Recommending to loved ones while you are both still alive, that communication across the veil be done through meditation, is a great idea as long as both realize and accept that successful communication may take some time to achieve. Once in spirit, one may be dissuaded from attempting communication long enough for success.

Chauran suggests that we start the dialog on acceptable/desirable spirit communication with loved ones before they die, and that personal preferences/wishes be documented in a workbook or other document, to be accessed in future when appropriate. Very helpful information – I wish I had read this thoughtful and well written book a few years ago, but I only found it in July 2016.