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As our consciousness is projected into the third copy (the real-time projectable double) – at the precise moment of separation – the first true mind-split event occurs. The mind-split effect allows the essential animating spirit to strip away course layers of matter and consciousness that hold it within the physical body. This process progressively exposes the central animating core of incarnating spiritual consciousness. This enables it to temporarily exist in higher dimensions, to reflect a part of itself there during sleep or an OOBE. Additional copies of consciousness may be projected into higher subtle bodies and dimensions above the real-time astral level. Thus there may also be higher-level mind-splits.

During a conscious OOBE exit, the real-time body is aware it is separating from the physical body. After separation, the real-time double operates almost completely independently. These three copies of the mind-split effect may experience perpetual crossovers and energy/mind conflicts.

Shadow memories are subtle memories gained while outside the normal awake body/mind or through OOBE, lucid dreams and dreams. When unrecalled, shadow memories download into inaccessible levels of memory. Awake consciousness usually overrides shadow memories, making them difficult to remember.

Bruce thinks that the higher self filters out shadow memories to protect us and keep us grounded in physical reality. Therefore, a combined approach to shadow-memory recall is best, using affirmations and techniques. Affirmations petition the higher self to allow shadow-memory recall. Techniques demonstrate to the higher self the desire to have these experiences.

The conscious mind needs associations if it is to link to and capture fragments of shadow memories. These associations help move the shadow memories into consciousness. Having powerful memories also helps. The first few minutes after waking are when most people recall shadow memories – usually dreams, sometimes OOBEs. This is the ideal time to practice shadow memory recall, using leading trigger phrases to cause associations and trigger recall.

As you can see by the quality of the explanations presented above, Astral Dynamics is a must read for those who really want to understand both dream and astral projection states. A "deep" read.

This is identified as “The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences.” Bruce’s main focus in his book is energy work and spiritual development, achieving altered states of consciousness, OOBEs, and lucid dreaming. He does a great job of explaining nonphysical realities including the astral plane and the buffer zone known as the real-time zone, which exists between the physical universe and the astral plane. Bruce's work updates Monroe's original OBE work.

Bruce explains “the mind-split effect” and how it is the biggest cause of OOBE failure. Essentially, when we sleep or otherwise enter into a mind awake/body asleep (MABA) state, our physical body/mind consciousness is projected into two additional copies of consciousness which are initially synchronized. These copies are referred to as: i) an expanded subtle-energy body; and ii) a real-time projectable (astral) double. Thus we have three copies of a single consciousness (the original physical body/mind plus the two projected copies) which are interconnected and capable of functioning independently.

4. Bruce (Robert), Astral Dynamics – 10th Anniversary Edition, Hampton Roads Publishing, 2009, 360 pages.