AFTERLIFE RESOURCES-10 (More of the best we've found...)

17. Reccia (Michael), The Joseph Communications: Your Life After Death, Band of Light Media Limited, 2011, 233 pages.

This is the third book of The Joseph Communications series. Joseph is a highly evolved spirit guide who is channeled by Michael Reccia. The book deals with the biggie question that we all ask at some point in our lives, “What, if anything, comes next?” See our Joseph web page here for detailed information about this great book.

There are currently a total of six (6) books comprising The Joseph Communications. The individual book titles in order are: Revelation; Illumination; Your Life After Death; The Fall; Trance Mission; and From Here to Eternity. These books are very clear and easy-to-follow communications from, as Joseph remarks, “the upbeat side of life.” They are clearly among the most important spiritual books ever produced.

Movie: Nosso Lar, Cinética Filmes e Produções, Globo Filmes, Migdal Filmes, 2010

Nosso Lar means “our home” in Portuguese. A Brazilian movie, it is available with English Subtitles as Astral City, and is about the life of André Luiz, a Catholic doctor, and his after-death transition to the spiritual city of Nosso Lar. After a period of initial adjustment, the doctor learns about afterlife concepts including energy healing, reincarnation and visiting loved ones back on Earth.

This movie is based on the best-selling novel of the same name written in 1943 by the Brazilian medium Francisco Candido (Chico) Xavier.

Movie: What Dreams May Come, Universal Pictures, 1998

This movie stars Robin Williams as a doctor who dies in a car accident. We follow him around as he learns to understand and interact with his new afterlife environment. He also meets his children and friends in the afterlife and becomes engaged in retrieving the soul of his wife, who has committed suicide and created her own unpleasant afterlife reality. Great movie.

Videos: YouTube

There are many free YouTube videos to watch which are useful afterlife reference sources. The trick is to find the ones that provide new and interesting information on the afterlife topic or concept that interests you.

18. Afterlife Movies and Videos

While there have been many movies about the afterlife, most tend to gloss over the details and so while they may be enjoyable to watch, they have limited use as training instruments. The following two movies are possible exceptions: