The structure and nature of afterlife realms is a complex subject. Information supplied by channeled spirits and human consciousness explorers forms the bulk of our knowledgebase.

Below are some useful reference sources, all of which give a different perspective. Each one is discussed in greater detail below. Some explanations about the spiritual realms focus on the "spiritual landscape" while others focus more on a "state of being." It is important to remember that some perspectives are offered from a more enlightened perspective. Those may be more helpful to understanding what is the underlying spiritual truth.



The near-death.com website provides various evidence to support the case for 10 or more afterlife realms. This includes both modern and historical  records. Some excellent points made there follow:

Death is described as a shift in consciouness and speed of vibration. We switch over to life in another wavelength. After a period, we go to a place which matches our current vibration. See our webpage on imprints to learn more about this.

On the near-death.com website, it mentions that there are multiple paths through the afterlife realms. Below are 4 different identified paths, in which 5 different realm levels (L0, L1, L2, L3 and L4)  and two tunnels are presented:
  1. EARTH (L0) –> EARTHBOUND (L1)
  2. EARTH (L0) –> tunnel1 –> VOID (L2)
  3. EARTH (L0) –> tunnel1 –> VOID(L2) –> tunnel2 –> HEAVEN (L3)
  4. EARTH (L0) –> EARTHBOUND (L1) –> tunnel1 –> VOID (L2) –> tunnel2 –> HEAVEN (L3)
The Earthbound realm is close to our physical realm. The shift is subtle so some don't even realize they have died or left their body in the case of OBE/NDE experiencers. Some NDE's go to the Earthbound realm, while others go to a higher realm. Some NDE travellers have remarked that they bypass any form of tunnel and are led from one realm to another by a being of light. Many people experience going through a tunnel, whether after death, or during OBE/sleep travel.



In this book (see our RESOURCES-1 webpage), the two channeled deceased sons (via automatic writing) explain to their embodied mother that there are (at least) 7 realms each having 10 sub-realm levels within. Inhabitants of one realm may be escorted by a more evolved being, using a cloak of protection,  to the next higher realm for a visit. An inhabitant of one realm may also visit a lower realm, if they similarly use a cloak of protection.

Realms #1 to #3 are pretty awful places, with #1 being the worst and #2 and #3 each being slightly better than its predecessor. Realm #4 is like Earth as it is an in-between realm. Realm #5 is the start of heaven. There it is bright and everyone is helpful. Realm #6 is higher still and all souls do work they really love, especially helping others. Realm #7 is even higher and there is no futher need to be reincarnated. The two sons seem to be unaware of what exists beyond realm #7.

This book presents some interesting concepts about the afterlife and God's laws, but the channeled sons do not appear to have full information or the most complete perspective. This suggests that souls receive further knowledge and training but that all is not immediately revealed. There is much to experience and learn.



In his book "The Nine Dimensions," spiritual master Okawa of Japan explains the nature of the afterlife realms. He says there are currently 9 realms making up the spiritual hierarchy. The different realms/dimensions represent various stages of love. This is accepted by Buddhism, mysticism and theosophy and is confirmed in various ancient manuscripts.

Master Okawa says that when we die, our soul leaves our body behind and, after a time, goes to a staging area in the spirit world where we are welcomed by friends and relatives. There may also be a period of healing depending on the circumstances of physical death. If the soul is ready, a life review (using the Akashic records or "thought-tape") is given where the soul is able to re-examine the incarnation just ended – the lessons learned and not learned. After this, our soul is then taken to its natural place in the spirit world based on the application of the Law of Attraction.

Subsequently, all souls have the opportunity to move up to a higher realm/sphere through spiritual development. This includes those souls that are sent to lower, unpleasant spiritual realms (e.g. lower astral). Spiritual development includes, but is not limited to, reincarnation in the physical realms. By putting love into practice, one can enter the higher realms. 

The 9 realms consist of various sub-levels and are described as follows: 

Top: El Cantare (Creator);
#9: Realm of the Savior or Cosmic Realm (God's Love);
#8: Realm of Archangels (Existence as Love);
#7: Realm of Angels – World of Love (Forgiving and Unconditional Love);
#6: Realm of Light – World of Knowledge (Nurturing Love);
#5: (Etheric) Realm of the Good – World of Goodness (Fundamental Love);
#4: Posthumous (Astral) Realm – World of the Afterlife (Instintual Love; where we first go when we die); includes "hell" and the lower astral; and
#3: Earth Realm – World of the Physical.
The video below is about Master Okawa's book The Nine DImensions. It includes an interesting anime trip through the afterlife realms.



In Chapter 12 of The Joseph Communications: Your Life After Death, Joseph explains The Nature of the Spheres.

Joseph says that each level of conscious appreciation spiritually is contained within a sphere and each sphere exists within the same dimensions as the next sphere. The difference in each sphere is one of vibration and the spiritual spheres that lead away from the earth plane towards escape into infinity also exist within the same dimensions as the Earth and its surrounding area.

When we leave earth plane (e.g. upon death), we don’t actually go anywhere spatially, we just automatically gravitate to a sphere in a plane of vibration that matches our own vibration. Joseph also confirms that we may be visited by souls from a higher vibrationary level or realm.

For humans, our vibrationary spheres exist within each other like layers (spheres within spheres). They exist as a progression back into a greater reality. But they are not the only spheres that exist in the "universe of spirituality." They are simply put “the spheres that apply to us.”

The rate at which we progress through the spiritual spheres depends on many factors, including our resistance to move forward. Spiritual vibration is not to be confused with physical speed. Rather it has to do with oscillation of wavelengths.

The first few spheres (the "cleansing spheres") above the earth plane exist to help us forget our earthly life. The higher spheres above them exist to remind us of our spiritual heritage and our potential as co-creators with God. There are helpers at every level in the spirit world.

Joseph’s spheres include:

  • Astral realms, then a Buffer zone
  • Areas of like attitude and vibration – terminology used by Monroe and his consciousness explorers is "belief system territories" but its the same principle
  • The Arrival Point, The Healing Sphere, The Preparation Sphere (i.e. for reincarnation)
  • The Entry Levels of the Higher Spheres – fantastically bright, vivid landscapes in which souls and even animal souls live in harmony together; communities of souls living together
  • Sphere of Contemplation – a state of mind rather than a landscape
  • The Higher Spheres
  • Sphere of Communication With God – may be visited from other spheres, with an intention to go within and commune with God.

As the soul progresses, there is a gradual refining of landscape and environment, with souls choosing a habitat for themselves because they need a point of reference, but it is not a need based on the need to constantly be in a particular time-scale. Souls progress, initially through a series of circumstances around them that are very similar to those they have encountered on the Earth but then, as the desire for earthly things diminishes, the landscape around that soul changes. The landscapes in the higher spheres reflects the power of God and it is more malleable than the lower spheres. There is a landscape which is a reference point for all but this can be changed as needed by the individual to fit the desired perspective.

(GS Personal Insight) There must be a lot of spheres (communities of like-minded spirits) as there are probably billions of spirits. Modern thinking seems to be that we are already connected to a sphere which matches our current vibration during our sojourn on Earth. It is possible that our connected sphere may change both during and after our current human life is over.



There are many useful YouTube videos that help to explain the concept of multiple dimensions. An example is provided below. While these videos don't exactly explain the nature of the spiritual realms, they do expand our awareness as human beings as to the possibilities of multiple universes, realities or "realms." Thus there is a foundation in modern science. This also supports the comments made by both Seth and Joseph.