As stated on our home page, the Society's primary purpose is to increase people's awareness of receiving positive spiritual influence in their daily lives. 

Our secondary purpose is to share our best afterlife information resources.


The main ideas behind the Society are:



  • Spirit currently influences us in a positive manner by communicating with us, and guiding and inspiring us, as we go about our daily lives. Sometimes, Spirit may be responding to our requests for divine help whether explicitly or tacitly given. The term "Spirit" means all spirit beings (including angels, ascended masters, master guides, teachers, spirit guides, loved ones and our higher self/selves) residing in non-physical reality, who want to positively communicate/interact with us embodied souls.
  • Unless we have developed some "psychic muscle" or have a keen sense of intuition, or we have the help of a medium, psychic or shaman, we may be unable to perceive/identify which specific (or even type of) spirit being we are communicating with, but that lack of knowledge does not reduce the positive value of the communication.
  • Many people do not perceive spiritual influence in their lives. They may not be consciously aware of their interactions with Spirit. They are subconsciously aware however.
  • Increasing conscious awareness of spiritual influence is a desireable/beneficial outcome. It can help you to be happier in your daily life, reduce your life struggle and help your spirit-soul achieve its plans for your current incarnation. Knowing that Spirit is working with you gives you confidence that you are truly loved and supported. This confidence may help you to evolve spiritually and thereby raise your soul's vibration. 
  • Belief in these spiritual concepts means that your deceased loved ones continue their existence in Spirit and are supporting you as your own physical life continues. This is very comforting and really helps when it comes to dealing with grief.
  • Sharing our personal, spiritual influence event (SIE) experiences is a wonderful way for all of us to learn more about communications/interactions with Spirit.
  • Learning about afterlife concepts now will help us when we transition over to Spirit. This is because who we are and what we understand continues after our physical life ends.
  • What we do in this life affects us in the afterlife, when we return to Spirit. Therefore, we should be spiritually strong and live good, decent lives and show love and compassion to our fellow human beings while we are here. As it says in the pic above, "The purpose of life is a life of purpose."
  • Sharing really good afterlife information resources is also a great way to help people advance their spiritual perspective and practices. In fact, we hope that the Society and its website will help stimulate some individuals to become active lightworkers.
  • While one cannot possess all spiritual answers while inhabiting the earth plane, one can still learn a lot. We should all INVEST IN OUR SPIRITUALITY and try to raise both our individual and collective vibrations.



Section or paragraph headers on individual pages in this website, which display "(Personal Insight)", refer to the insight or experiences being shared by one of the founders. Accordingly, that person's initials will also be displayed (i.e. GS, KB or RM). As well, a π symbol will appear at the top right whitespace to indicate that Personal Insight/Experience may be found on this webpage.



This website is for everyone, but our major wish is to especially reach out to those people who are not very spiritual in their current thinking or practices, yet might be willing to learn and move forward. We feel that they can visit our website and determine if any of the concepts presented "resonate" with them – i.e. touch their hearts and souls. Some spiritually-minded people also may obtain, from our website, new information and insight about specific aspects of spirituality. For those people who have experienced some form of communication with Spirit but are unclear or unsure what to do next, we hope that we can give them some ideas on how next to proceed.

(GS Personal Insight) In my own case, I don't yet have particularly well-developed psychic clairs, but I have a very strong intuition and I am determined and observant. I am able to notice and understand many messages from Spirit, both non-physical and physical ones. Simply put, I feel that if I can do it, anyone can do it. It just requires a small investment in one's own spirituality to get the ball rolling. Spirit will help after that. And most importantly, it's never too late for an individual to shift his/her attitude and start to become more spiritual. To love each other and ourselves, and to respect our world and all of God's creations.



Several months ago, I woke up one morning with a strong inspiration to write a spiritual book. It was going to be called something like "BK OK – My Empirical Search for Proof of the Afterlife." It was obvious to me that I had received my book creation inspiration during dreamtime. Spirit wanted me to be a Lightworker and this was a way to help others who were grieving and wanting to know more about afterlife concepts, including communication with loved ones who had passed. So I assembed a small "review" team of close friends (three spiritually minded friends and one non-spiritually minded friend) to help me, and I wrote several chapters and laid out the entire structure of my book including the titles for all the chapters. But I found the experience to be slow and complicated. I got stuck and so I took a breather for a couple of months.

On the morning of November 16, 2016, as I was stepping into the shower, I had an instant thought that, instead of a book, I should set up a website and self-publish my spiritual emergence material. Within a few hours, I decided that the best way to do this was to create a non-profit organization which would support the website. Over the weekend, I did some research on spiritual influence, purchased my domain (spiritual-influence.org) and started self-publishing online, Then I spoke to my two most spiritually-minded friends (Kathryn and Ruthy) and they agreed to be co-founders of a new, federally incorporated non-profit, called "Spiritual Influence Society" to support the website. I contacted my lawyer to prepare the necessary papers and off we went.

There is no question in my mind that once again Spirit influenced me to act. Even if the influence was simply to present the idea to me as a mental suggestion, I still had to exercise my free will, assess and follow through. I usually trust my intuition and judgement, and the self-publishing alternative came out of the blue at the right time. This got me unstuck.

I believe that my spiritual emergence, my joining a local spiritualist church, my Spirit Guide meetup group (with Annie Stillwater Gray as our focus), my followup book project, and the Spiritual Influence Society project, all resulted from me receiving positive spiritual influence which was in alignment with my objectives for this incarnated life. I can't specifically identify which spiritually evolved beings were involved, but if I had to guess, I would say my life guide working under the direction of a master guide.



We, the Founders of Spiritual Influence Society (we refer to ourselves as "Trio of Spiritual Truth") have used this website to share many of our own personal insights and experiences in receiving spiritual influence. We hope that you find the information presented here to be helpful in your own spiritual development.