Physical experiences include the observation of physical signs or noticing that objects have been moved or even observing the actual moving, where Spirit is the cause of that manifestation.


Examples that I have observed since my wife Bettina passed include:

Shortly after she passed in 2014...

  • The flipping over of three of my business cards, which I leaned against a home memorial alter I made for my wife – these cards had personal messages written on them by me; one was "LUV U", another was "MISS U", and another was "HONOR U". The content of these cards were confirmed during a remote phone reading with a prominent U.S. medium, Patrick Matthews, who had no prior knowledge of the existence of these cards. During the mediumship reading, my wife's spirit came through.
  • I noticed that, while I was out shopping, a couple of white teddy bears from our "tumble of teddies" had been both moved a few inches.
  • Seeing a "Keep calm and carry on" sign in a store window just when I was remembering my wife and I had started to cry from missing her – the same message was on my wife's favourite coffee mug. I saw the sign shortly after she passed when I was going to an appointment with our banker; the timing was perfect.
In 2016...
  • On numerous occasions, the knocking down of a grab bar temporarily affixed to my new apartment's bathroom door via two suction cups – this grab bar was used in our old apartment by both myself and my wife when we each had our respective hip replacement/hip surgeries; the grab bar moved with me to my new apartment in the summer of 2015. (See below for additional details.)

I believe that such physical manifestations are generally intended to let us know that our loved one is close by and to make us feel better. This is the case of the four examples above. Note how each of the objects above has personal meaning to me. In the case of the "Keep calm and carry on" sign, perhaps Spirit simply influenced me to notice an existing sign at the crucial moment. Spirit seems to work with whatever it has available. These examples are also much less startling than seeing a ghostly presence physically materialize. While possible, such an intense manifestation is unlikely and would require a large amount of energy and focus. Spirit tends to be subtle and would like us to be observant and, if appropriate, respond with positive emotion towards the communication.

Grab Bar – Spirit Communication Tool

To the left is a pic of the plastic grab bar. Bettina and I used it in our old apartment when we had our hip surgeries. Once set, the grab bar is pretty strongly fixed and it takes a reasonable amount of effort to pull it off the bathroom door without using the top and bottom releasing buttons. During the period between my move in June 2015 and April 2016, the grab bar would need to be manually reset only 3 times (est.) due to normal use. In 2016, I experienced Spirit knocking down the grab bar on the following dates (which I logged in my email). I consider each date below to be a single SIE consisting of 2 or more communications:
  • April 28, 2016 (3X);  June 23, 2016 (3X); 
  • July 4-5, 2016 (2X, Bettina's birthday was July 4); July 7, 2016 (2X); July 13, 2016 (2X); 
  • August 6, 2016 (1X, as I was leaving my home; 2 yrs. after Bettina's passing); 
  • September 1, 2016 (2X); September 12, 2016 (3X); 
  • October 2, 2016 (6X over a 4-hour period); October 16, 2016 (2X);
  • November 15, 2016 (3X); November 25, 2016 (3X); November 30, 2016 (8X) over 6 hrs. 

Once I became aware of Spirit using the grab bar to communicate with me, early on, I stopped using it for stepping in and out of the shower. Each time the bar came down, I would immediately reset it. It usually takes no more than 30 minutes for Spirit to knock the grab bar down again. On each occasion, after the bar comes down the first time, I ask Spirit to knock it down again (at least one more time) so that I have confirmation of a visit (e.g. from my wife's spirit). I speculate that somehow Spirit uses energy to cause the suction cup to loosen up. The bar then comes crashing down and I hear it from my living room. I have actually been on the phone with Kathryn from my living room and she has heard the grab bar crash to the floor in my bathroom.

Note that for some of these SIEs, I checked with Annie (and she checked with her own guide Darci) that it was either my wife's spirit, or my life guide (Jono) that was communicating with me. According to Annie, events above like the 6X/8X were "attributable" to my spirit guide Jono's presence; the others were "attributable" to my wife's spirit presence. In the last instance, both Kathryn and Annie checked in with Spirit and confirmed that Jono was trying to communicate "rest now and find balance." I had been working too hard on the website and getting run down and my life guide was trying to bring that to my conscious attention.

After each grab bar SIE, I feel uplifted and I thank Spirit (both Bettina and Jono) for the communication.

I have experienced an LPM SIE in conjunction with a grab bar SIE. For example, see LPM's April 28, 2016 and Sept. 30/Oct. 2, 2016 here.

It is quite possible that the concentration of both LPM and grab bar SIEs over the months of October and November reflects Spirit's intention to influence me to get moving on the work for the Society and its website. As well, Spirit has given me many SIEs to document for the website.

MY SPECIAL NUMBER (KB Personal Insight)

When I see the number 717, I know I am on the right spiritual path. For example, if I ask Spirit a question and the answer is affirmative, a car will appear in front of me with 717 as part of the license plate, or my eyes will be drawn to a clock, cable box, or a receipt for a purchase will have a 7.17 somewhere on the bill.

On December 1st, 2016, I was driving to Springdale Spiritualist Church and I asked Spirit to confirm if my thoughts were leading me on the right path. I merged onto a highway which had bumper to bumper traffic. I was in the middle lane and out of nowhere a white van managed to squeeze between my car and the one ahead of me. I was annoyed at first, but then I saw that the numbers in the license were 717 and I started to laugh to myself and thanked spirit. Spirit is always listening to us and they truly do try give us answers to our questions.