We intend to offer memberships once our website is completed in full. Membership fees will be relatively low and will be used to help us support, on an ongoing basis, the Society's website and some basic administration. As well, we plan to send out a periodic educational newsletter by email.

Developing a communication/education program will also be an important goal for us over the next year. This will include an online spiritual quiz and helping individuals develop their own personal spiritual development plans. We will of course continue our ongoing efforts to increase people's awareness of spiritual influence and to share excellent afterlife resources.

Becoming a Society member will be a great way to show your support for our stated purpose. Stay tuned for more information about memberships as the Society evolves.



We believe that the angels and master guides associated with the Earth are supportive of the Society's intention and efforts.

For now, you can make donations by credit card or PayPal to Spiritual Influence Society by clicking on the Donate button below. Your donations will help us to offset the cost of administration including keeping our website regularly updated with new spiritual information. We really appreciate your help as we are a non-profit organization.


George, Kathryn and Ruth