License plate messages (LPMs – pronouned "el pee ems") are an excellent way for Spirit to grab our attention and influence our thoughts, attitudes and feelings. Here's why:

  • LPMs have an immediate meaningful and emotional impact on the recipient. They tend to be presented in an "in your face" manner, so you see the message clearly and instantly understand its meaning.
  • LPMs are usually short in length and comprised of a combination of letters and numbers. The letters may refer to people's initials or names or other meaningful information, e.g. birthdates, anniversary dates, etc. The numbers may also be message enhancers such as angel numbers which are published online at certain websites, for example here.
  • LPMs may be seen while driving or when walking. In the latter case, there will be more time to record the message since it can be difficult to record the message while driving.
  • Multiple LPMs may be presented to you at one time. For example, you may be driving in your vehicle and be surrounded on all sides by other vehicles having an LPM of a similar theme.
  • Suspected LPMs may be recorded and then interpreted/verified at a later time after you have conducted appropriate research.
  • If Spirit knows that you are good at noticing LPMs then Spirit may continue using that method of communicating with you. For emphasis, Spirit may manifest multiple LPMs within a short time frame.
  • Spirit may use a simple LPM containing a person's favourite/angel number as confirmation of some personal matter that person is considering. In those cases, the text may be irrelevant. The important thing is that the recipient sees his/her (angel or other favourite) number. For example, Kathryn sees a recurring 717 in her LPMs, as confirmation from Spirit.

Late this morning, I went to my dentist and after that I did some quick shopping on the Danforth (bought some white sage and some vitamins). After that, I drove down the DVP and thankfully the traffic was pretty light. At a point on the DVP southbound, approximately parallel to and five hundred yards away from the Necropolis, the cemetary where Bettina's ashes and her mother Francine's remains are buried, I had a sudden urge as I was passing a vehicle on my right, to read its license plate.

Amazingly, the license plate read "BK OK". I interpret that to mean that "Bettina Kuypers is OK". I was immediately stunned, so I slowed down and allowed the driver of that vehicle to pass me. I pulled in behind him and then followed him of the DVP at Richmond Street, where I was able to take a quick pic with my iPhone. The driver must have wondered what the heck I was doing following him. The resolution in the pic is not great, but I have attached a blown-up jpeg image of the picture I took. If you look closely, you'll see what I mean. If you can't read the picture clearly enough, just take my word for it.

I wasn't thinking of Bettina at the time I saw the license plate, but within a few seconds of seeing it, I remembered my short talk to her spirit last night. If somehow Bettina's spirit influenced this event, that influence could be as simple as just giving me a little nudge to look over at the right time. As simple as that. Without that nudge, I would have missed seeing the license plate. What are the odds? - seeing this unusual license plate the next day after I spoke to her in spirit - near the Necropolis, where Bettina often visited her mother's grave and where Bettina's ashes are also buried - traffic was light on the DVP so that I could take the time to clearly see the plate and follow the car. This "message" made my day today. Anyway, I thought I would share this with you all.  Regards, George

LPM EXAMPLES (GS Personal Insight)

"BK OK Story" – My wife Bettina died in early August 2014. On November 18, 2014, I wrote the following email to a few close friends and relatives of mine.


"To my dearest relatives & special friends: Last night I arrived home from working the front desk at the chess club at around 1:00 A.M. I was up for a while and then I went to bed. Before falling asleep, I spoke to Bettina, my wife (in spirit), and I told her I hoped she was OK wherever her spirit was now situated. I told her that I loved her and missed her. I cried a little and then fell asleep.


A few days later, I checked the Province's custom licence plate database and found that "BK OK" was assigned.

At the time I wrote the email, I didn't understand how spirit guides work. Later, after I learned about that concept, I understood that my life guide (or possibly an angel) had most likely arranged for me to see this LPM. Regardless, this LPM became an important consider point for me in my spiritual emergence, which was in its early stages. Spirit had clearly decided that it was appropriate to manifest a key spiritual influence event (SIE) communication for my benefit.

Over the following two years, I have experienced two dozen additional LPMs. Often, I have receive these messages when I am badly missing my wife and feeling down. Seeing the messages gives me strength and reminds me that my wife is doing fine in afterlife realms. It thus reinforces my spiritual beliefs. Sometimes, I receive an LPM when I am not in a distressed emotional state. For example, I may get a message either shortly before or shortly after I am going to my Spiritualist Church's open development circle where we practice healing, meditation and mediumship.

For me, LPMs from Spirit usually start with "BK" but not always. Several of my other actual LPM examples follow. These were all documented by me in emails to my closest friends and my sister-in-law.

  • LPM – "BKS ###" - message interpreted by me as "Bettina Kuypers-Supol." I saw this message on August 28, 2014 (20 days after her passing) when I was driving my car and crying from missing my wife. I saw the license plate on a car two lanes over while stopped on Lakeshore Blvd. Because of the viewing angle (front right diagonal) and small aperature, I could not see the numbers on the plate. Immediately, I felt better. The fact that I could see the plate at all seemed very odd.
  • LPM – "BTNA 263" – message interpreted by me as "Bettina." I saw this LPM on January 15, 2015, in an underground parking lot shortly after I had cried missing her. Immediately, I felt better.
  • LPM – "BKCS 241" – message interpreted by me as "Bettina Kuypers Cartographic Services" and the "241" referred to the concept that we were soul mates on Earth and bound together by a soul mate contract (i.e. two souls working in harmony as one). Previously, mediums and Akashic records readers had informed me that we were soul mates in this life. "BKCS" is the abbreviated name that Bettina often used when referring to her home-based drawing office business. This LPM, which I saw on the afternoon of April 4, 2015, resulted after I cried and asked my guides (earlier that morning) for a sign that my wife's spirit was doing well. Again, I immediately felt better.
  • LPM - "BKPB ###" - message interpreted by me as "Bettina Kuypers" and "Pudgie Bear". Bettina used to call me by my nickname (she gave me). Often she would shorten it to "PB" or even "P". I saw this LPM on April 28, 2016 while driving. I didn't record the numbers and wasn't aware of angel #'s at the time.
  • LPM - "BKCS 709" - message interpreted by me as "Bettina Kuypers Cartographic Services", my wife's former business again (see above). I saw this right outside my apartment building on May 1, 2016, just after I had finalized details for a visit to Toronto by Annie Stillwater Gray for my Spirit Guide Discussion Group. Angel # 709 is a message of congratulations from my angels, and they commend me for my life choices and positive actions. I only cross checked the angel number recently, but it certainly makes sense given my work of helping bring Annie to Toronto.
  • LPM – "BNFK 687" – message interpreted by me as "Bettina & Francine Kuypers (her mom)". I saw this message on June 23, 2016 on my way home while I was doing some late night grocery shopping. I had been thinking a lot about Bettina's spirit visiting me. According to the Angel numbers (provided by Kathryn), Angel Number 687 is an auspicious sign of manifesting prosperity, achieving success, positive progress and spiritual advancement, and suggests that I have been devoting yourself to bettering my life and focusing upon my spiritual path. The ideas and visions I have been experiencing have been Divinely inspired and my angels prompt me to take positive action in the direction of my dreams and desires. The angels acknowledge my hard work and applaud my life choices. Continue on my current path as I grow on all levels."
  • LPM's – in 2016 – "BKWP 093" (March 24), "BKWP 802" (March 25), BKWP 335" (March 30), "BKWP 055" (April 6), "BKWP 008" (September 30), and recently "BKWP 893" (November 19) – messages all interpreted as "Bettina Kuypers with (meaning visiting) P (or Pudgie)". Bettina used to call me "Pudgie" or "Pudge" or "P" as a nickname. Also, "093" was my wife's sister's birthday (Sept 30). "802" was our wedding anniversary (August 2). "055" was the birth year (1955) of both myself and Bettina. "008" was the month or day of her death (August 8). In every instance, I either experienced the LPM while driving shortly after I was feeling bad and missing her, or before or after driving to my Spiritualist Church. In the case of "893", it is an important angel number that supports my startup work for our Society. I only started considering angel numbers recently in my LPMs (after Kathryn advised me to do this). I think that Spirit knows that it can now use angel numbers in my LPM's since I am looking those up regularly now. Thus, Spirit adjusts its spiritual communications as appropriate. See our section Observance about this. Each time I see a BKWP plate, I feel uplifted. It is also interesting that a "BKWP" LPM is often accompanied by 2-4 other simple "BK" LPMs (other than BKWP) within a relatively short time span. I feel like Spirit wants to make sure that I am paying attention. Spirit knows that any "BK" license plate will grab my attention and I will become more observant. Spirit also seems to like to work in multiples (e.g. 3X). See 3 of the 5 pics below.
  • LPM - "BTNA ###" – message interpreted as "Bettina". I saw this pulling into the Angus Glen parking lot on September 30, 2016, when I was attending day 2 of a 3-day golf tournament. It was also Laura's birthday (Bettina's sister). I saw a couple of other BK license plates near the BTNA plate. I was in a hurry to get to my tee time and so I didn't record the numbers on the plate. I also saw "BKWP 008" the same day on my way to the chiropractor before golfing (see above).
  • Additional more recent LPM's may be found on our SIE Journal webpage here.


Does Spirit influence me and/or the driver of the other vehicle to change course, so that his/her license plate will be in our view at the precise moment? Do two spirit guides work together to produce an LPM (i.e. mine and the other driver's)? However, it's done, it likely requires a significant amount of timing, coordination and energy to be applied successfully in our physical reality.

Not every "BK" licence plate is a message to me from Spirit. Accordingly, it's always important to consider the context in which the LPM is received. For me, the message must really resonate with me and fit into my current emotional context. So, I ask myself some questions. – Is the suspected LPM helping me to answer an important question? Or is it just to make me feel better? Or is it to help give my ongoing spiritual emergence some additional reinforcement or momentum? Is the primary LPM reinforced, e.g. by one or more additional supporting LPMs, or is it a standalone event?