KING (Dr. George)

Dr. George King (1919 - 1997), an English taxi driver, was a highly developed, kundalini yoga master, who received “transmissions” or channeled messages from ascended master beings (avatars). He made these messages and teachings available to all humans through The Aetherius Society. Those who knew Dr. King say he dedicated his life to the service of mankind, which is a wonderful accomplishment for any incarnated life. At the bottom of this page is a short video containing film footage wherein Dr. King explains his original psychic experiences.



The Aetherius Society is an international spiritual organization, founded in England by Dr. George King in the mid-1950's. It is dedicated to spreading and acting upon the teachings of advanced extraterrestrial intelligences (i.e. from beyond our earth). These intelligences are active in both the physical and non-physical realms and support Earth as a physical center for karmic reincarnation. The Society's most important teaching is the importance of selfless service to others. The Society was named after a Venusian master, Aetherius. Aetherius resided on the planet Venus but in a different plane of existence than our physical plane.

The Aetherius Society's beliefs support the most common spiritual concepts and practices with a unique perspective. We can choose whatever supporting spiritual path on Earth we wish to follow, whether it be Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or any another, as long as: i) we are the best that we can be; and ii) we positively serve our fellow humans and our Mother Earth.

The Society emphasizes that we go through an ascension process as spiritual beings which reincarnate. It also supports the concept of karma in all its forms – personal, family, societal, planet-wide, cosmic. Karma is a balancing force of creation. The Aetherius Society is a tool for these greater ascended master beings to help, heal, and evolve the human race. The most effective path for us on Earth to evolve, at this time, is through doing service. This is the key. This raises our individual and collective vibration.

The Aetherius Society promotes a personal spiritual path consisting of knowledge, development and service.

A) Knowledge

  • Basic Metaphysics – karma and reincarnation; Devic kingdom; lower and higher astrals; other realms.
  • Cosmic wisdom – creation and evolution; the initiation of Earth; a cosmic plan for Earth.
  • Knowledge of the lower astral wars – different realms of existence – lower (hells) and higher (heaven); higher beings have fought wars in the lower astral realms in order to “clean them up.”

B) Spiritual Development

  • Pranayama; mantra; prayer.
  • Intuition development practices – pendulum; psychometry.
  • Protection Practices – psychic self defense; visualization.

C) Service

  • Karma (now "King") Yoga
  • Local – Spiritual healing; speaking of truth to others; physical assistance at spiritual center.
    Global – Twelve blessings; pilgrimages to Holy Mountains.
    Cosmic – Missions such as: Operation Prayer Power, Operation Sunbeam, and Operation Space Power.

There are certain cosmic missions supported and promoted by the Cosmic Masters.

  • Operation Sunbeam – giving energy back to the Mother Earth, e.g. from our spiritually-charged mountains.
  • Operation Prayer Power – allows us to be potent prayer power centers for our fellow humans. The idea is that we can collect and store spiritual energy through prayer and then distribute it throughout the Earth population where and when it is most needed.
  • Operation Space Power – a large unseen spacecraft/satellite, called Satellite #3, periodically comes to Mother Earth to give "her" spiritual energy.



  • Master, Saint or Sage – a physical being (e.g. human) who works very hard to reach an elevated state. Not as powerful as an avatar.
  • Avatar (or Ascended Master) – a very high spirit intelligence that comes to Earth (or another physical realm) and incarnates; usually to balance or clean up our human messes. Jesus, Buddha and Krishna are examples of Avatars. All avatars follow the Law of Karma (also known as the Law of Cause and Effect). Some Avatars inhabit other planets (including our solar system) though in higher planes of vibratory existence.
  • Prophets – talk about future avatars coming to Earth to be embodied.
  • Some Jewish teachings – there is always at least one embodied avatar here on Earth during each generation.



Although it may at first sound like an odd or unusual perspective, The Aetherius Society's teachings are very consistent with mainstream "new age" spiritual beliefs and practices, including belief in God and all aspects of Spirit. The main difference is that there is a focus on the avatars/adepts and ascended masters who watch over and come to the Earth, to teach us lessons and to balance the effects of negativity including evil. These advanced intelligences also charge certain energy centers on Earth (e.g. our mountains) with spiritual energy. Some of this material appears to be very consistent with Seth's teachings. Those who support the teachings of The Aetherius Society are contributing their energy to a worthy cause, which is to help and heal our Mother Earth. Recently, the Aetherius Society has also started to promote its "King Yoga" practices.

We must always remember that there are always many points of view to consider, and many paths for spiritual development. We need to keep an open mind.

Below are four interesting YouTube videos from The Aetherius Society. The first video (upper left) contains film footage of Dr. King speaking, as previously mentioned. The fourth video (bottom right) explains that Dr. King received information about the Seven Dimensions of Creation on December 6, 1957, while visiting a cloaked spacecraft in orbit of Earth called "Satellite #3." This spaceship belonged to advanced beings who (it is further explained) were able to change their vibration at will and move between certain of the physical and spiritual realms. These advanced beings have visited Earth many times in the past and have given us advanced insight and wisdom including key content for many of our sacred texts.