In this comprehensive YouTube video, Michael Reccia (the medium that channels Joseph, the evolved spirit guide) explains Joseph's teachings, from Joseph's book Joseph Communicates – Your Life After Death.

Michael remarks in the video that if we are not going to really end our existence when we physically die, then we should learn to live carefully and lovingly now. That way when we move on into the spirit realms, we will be better prepared for our new "lives."



Joseph Communicates: Your Life After Death by Michael Reccia, Band of Light Media Limited, 2011, 233 pages.

In this book, Joseph covers many important areas of afterlife knowledge and experience including:

  • DEATH AND AFTER DEATH EXPERIENCES – Souls go to different places in the afterlife depending on their beliefs and development.
  • THE LIFE REVIEW – An important step for soul development.
  • APPEARANCE IN THE SPIRIT REALMS – Initially, using the human form in the spirit world makes sense. However, there is no need for the human form after the spirit progresses. A ball of light is a common form of appearance for a spirit.
  • THE ENTRY LEVELS OF THE HIGHER REALMS – The purpose of the entry levels is one of self-discovery and discovery of spiritual potential. The entry levels of the higher realms are like a super earth plane or the earth plane ‘perfected’. 
  • TIME IN THE SPIRITUAL REALMS – In the spirit realms, there is no time, only progression of experience. In the spirit realms, each spirit can truly “multi-task” since all experiences that it participates in may happen at the same time. The spirit realms are outside physical time, so when spirits visit us in earth plane, they follow a certain protocol.
  • THE NATURE OF THE SPHERES – The spirit worlds are a progression back into a greater reality (God-source). The rate at which we progress through the spiritual spheres depends on many factors, including our resistance to moving onwards. 
  • SPIRIT SOCIETY AND GROUP SOULS – All of us embodied souls belong to a group soul, though we are not presently aware of this. Group souls are the ‘society’ of the spiritual realms. As a group of souls, we work together to achieve a common spiritual goal.
  • THE GUIDING SPHERES – See comments below on spirit guides.
  • THE SPIRITUAL LANDSCAPE – The spiritual realms exist to slowly cleanse us of the limiting vibrations of the earth plane to the point where we become free, and no longer need to return to Earth. 

As well, Joseph makes some key points that relate to our interactions with Spirit: 

  • The PURPOSE OF THE SOUL is to expand its existence, experience and spiritual understanding so that it can become more aware. Moreover, we are not actually human. Rather we are each a spirit inhabiting human form.
  • God allows us to be influenced and aided by GUIDES AND INTUITION. This is as an offset to the negative influence of the darkness of the Field (i.e. our physical earth plane), whereby we accept the illusions of illness, possessions and power.
  • SPIRIT GUIDES project themselves mentally into an area close to Earth yet also close to some of the higher evolutionary realms. This is not really a spiritual sphere but a state of spiritual mind. Guides spend a portion, not of their time, but of their consciousness, guiding a number of people on Earth, or perhaps one specific person. In order to do that guides enter this area of being that divorces them from their normal sphere of consciousness, so that they each become pure spiritual mind and pure spiritual conduit for the transmission of suggestion and help on behalf of each spirit on Earth they are reaching. As humans, we often do not tune into the guidance received from our guides because of the effects of the Field and our perception of reality. Guides act as a conduit for God-energy and for subtle tweaks to the core of a soul. The guiding area allows a guide to have a separate life but also to guide at the same time. Souls on Earth are being talked to and guided on many levels constantly. Spiritual guidance reunites our earthly consciousness with our spiritual consciousness so that we begin to react to everything from the point of view of what we already know spiritually but which lies directly below the surface.
  • If we expect our SPIRIT GUIDE to do unimportant things like get us a parking space, it probably won’t happen. If we ask for a parking space and we really believe that we will get one, it may be that we do get one but rather through our own efforts using God-energy for expectation and manifestation. We should be looking for the subtler guidance that our spirit guides offer us since that guidance will expand our soul’s capabilities and perceptions once we return to the spirit realms.



Upon reading The Joseph Communications – Your Life After Death, it is clear that Joseph has provided us with lots of addtional detail on the death and after-death experiences we may face once we have left the earth plane. He also helps us better understand the nature of the interactions we may have with our spirit guides while we are here on earth plane.