Spiritual Influence Society ("the Society") is a Canadian, federally incorporated, non-profit organization based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Welcome! 

Our primary purpose is to increase people's awareness of receiving positive spiritual influence in their daily lives. This influence includes communications, guidance and inspiration from Spirit. We refer to individual instances of receiving positive spiritual influence as "spiritual influence events" or SIEs.

Our secondary purpose is to share (review, organize and explain) the best afterlife information resources we've found including websites, books, e-books, movies and videos.

We use the capitalized term "Spirit" – as a collective noun, referring to God, our Creator, and God's divine family of angels, masters, spirit guides, loved ones, our higher selves, and other spirit beings – with an understanding that Spirit collectively influences us in a positive manner. We exclude spirits that do not work in our highest and best interest from this definition. This distinction is explained later.

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Your arrival for the first time on this website may mean that you’re looking for information about spiritual topics or spiritual truths. Maybe, you’re grieving, having lost a loved one – a parent, spouse, child, or another important person in your life, and you're trying to understand what has happened to your loved one. Maybe, you’ve already experienced positive communications, guidance or inspiration from Spirit and you're trying to make sense of it; or maybe you just want to experience it. Maybe, you suspect that you’re already going through a spiritual emergence and want to understand what resources are available to help you through it. Maybe, you're searching for helpful afterlife resources to learn more. Maybe, you just want to become more spiritual and man's conventional religions don’t really work for you. Finally, whether you're aware of it or not, maybe, Spirit has influenced you to come to this website for spiritual guidance. Whatever the reason, we're happy that you're here!

For "all seekers of spiritual truth," this website contains many first-hand, personal, spiritual influence examples which serve as empirical evidence for the existence of the spirit/soul and by extension – the afterlife.

As a start, we ask you to please watch the two YouTube videos below. After that, we recommend you work your way through our main navigation sections – Home, Spirit, Experiences, Spiritual Sages and Afterlife Resources – in that order. You can treat our website like it's a structured spiritual development course. You can skip any of our related subsections you believe you know well or which you are not really interested in. You can also review our Organization section at any time. But, certainly feel free to exercise your own free will and come and go whenever and wherever you want. It's your experience!


For non-believers who take the position that there is no scientific proof of the afterlife, we invite these individuals to look at our Science webpage and its related links. There's actually an amazing amount of scientific proof. Plus tons of empirical evidence.






The YouTube video ("Extreme Happiness") above contains great wisdom shared by Joseph, a spirit guide channeled by The Band of Light – a group of U.K. lightworkers.
Spiritual skills include the ability to serve as a conduit for spiritual healing and the ability to perceive communications from spirits. Spiritual beliefs are what a person believes about the afterlife and earth life, and are not in themselves related to how spiritually evolved that person is. Evolution is primarily what spiritual development is about.
Spirits incarnate for many different purposes and it is often not possible to identify who among us is advanced spiritually and who is not. Therefore it is unwise to judge others based on whether you think they are spiritually advanced or not. That being said, humility is usually a sign of a highly evolved soul, and an excellent trait for a spiritual teacher.

Those who are spiritually aware understand that when our physical body dies and our personality/soul returns to Spirit, where we individually go next in the spirit realms will be determined by our own thoughts and actions here on earth plane. This concept is called "Personal Responsibility."

Note: Our website is now 80% complete.

The YouTube video above ("What You Need to Know Before You Die") contains great wisdom shared by William Buhlman, who discusses preparing for the death experience and also why we are here in earth plane.