An imprint is the level of spiritual vibration of our duplicate spirit etheric body (our soul). It is measured when we incarnate (our birth imprint) and when we die (our death imprint). The change in our vibrations from birth to death represents the results of our exercising our free will during our incarnation. If we have lived a good and proper life, our vibration will be higher. If we have lived a poor and improper life, our vibration will be lower.



Our imprint at birth is partially determined by the environment our soul enters. But it is mostly set by our spirit contract made before birth. Spirit guides assist us in setting up our soul contract and the resulting imprint. The memories of our past lives also forms part of our birth imprint.



The circumstances surrounding death are important, for whatever is in our heart and mind when we pass into Spirit will be a part of our death imprint. Negative attributes such as guilt, blame, selfishness and cruelty lower our overall vibration. Positive attributes such as unselfishness, helping others and keeping an open mind raise our overall vibration.

Our death imprint will determine where we go next in the afterlife – a lower (possibly unpleasant) plane or a higher (more rewarding and fruitful) plane, of existence.

Death imprints are on record in the spirit realms. The death imprint continues until another birth when a new imprint is made. Presumably, our vibration may increase as a result of service and study in Spirit, though our spiritual development will be slower. A successful incarnation leads to more rapid spiritual development which is then reflected in our death imprint.



Spirit guides receive a lot of training on how to read imprints. This is so they can help us with drafting our soul agreements. While spirit guides cannot physically participate or change anything in our lives, they can try to influence us humans to take positive action and to avoid negative action. Their goal, through interaction and spiritual influence, is to help us raise our vibration and our resulting death imprint. Our life guide is charged with the responsibility for recording and filing our death imprint.



We must remember that our vibrations are increased and decreased by what we do, by our actions – NOT by what we believe. 

The concepts above are covered in Annie Stillwater Gray's book "The Education of a Guardian Angel."