SPIRIT GUIDE GOLF (GS Personal Insight)

Annie obtained this information from her own life guide, Darcimon Stillwater, after I had emailed her the day before and mentioned that I felt I had received some “divine help” earlier that day during a senior qualifying tournament for the Toronto Parks and Recreation Golf Championship. In that round, after a difficult front nine 44 due to several mental mistakes, I turned my back nine completely around, and managed to qualify for the final championship round in September 2016. During the four final holes, despite hitting the ball all over the place, I managed to recover each time and scrounge out four pars for a closing 38. To clarify, this was the same golf tournament that I played two years earlier, on the day before Bettina asked me to take her to St. Mike’s Hospital emergency for her final struggle with her ailments.

I believe that the addition of the new guide to my spiritual team resulted when I struggled on some very fast greens during another local amateur golf tournament on July 4, 2016. After that round, I meditated briefly and asked Jono for help with my putting.

After receiving Annie’s confirmation email, I thought about it and decided to call my new spirit guide “Angus.” It just seemed right to me given my new guide was once a Scotsman. A few days later, through a couple of two-hour practice putting sessions at a local public course, Angus and I together developed a consistent methodology and vocabulary that Angus used to describe to me the reading of each golf putt. We accomplished this through my perceived telepathic conversations.

At the start of each practice session or round of golf, I would ask both Jono and Angus for help reading putts. As I approach a putt, I would look at it from behind. Angus would then start the conversation as follows:

“George, here’s what I see...” (followed by one or more of the following additional phrases):
  • “light grip, equal pressure” or maybe “firmer grip, equal pressure” for longer putts;
  • “uphill putt” and/or “against the grain” or “against the wind” or “very slow” followed by “add some wrist hinge”;
  • “fast downhill put, be careful”;
  • “get it to the hole” or maybe “let it die around the hole”;
  • “fall in the middle of the hole” or “fall a little left (or right) of center”;
  • “big (or small) left-to-right (or right-to-left) beak” (I generally prefer to determine the exact amount of break myself, e.g. 2 feet right-to-left, though not always.); and
  • other comments as appropriate.

So we effectively covered the following information for each putt, in the same order – grip pressure, wrist hinge, strength of stroke, break and target, etc. I thanked Angus for his read and then executed my stroke. In my mind, he would then communicate “good shot”, “great shot”, or maybe “you didn’t hit it hard enough.” In practice, he would request that I replay shorter putts that I missed.

Looking back, Angus was an extension of me, the player, since he was my caddy and the rules of golf allow for me to receive advice from my caddy. He was very focused and so he kept me in the moment, so I was also very focused. I feel I am a better putter now since I mentally go through the same pre-shot routine every time. I no longer just get up and hit each putt without a well-defined plan. My mental focus and discipline on the greens are much better now.



This process is a practical example of connecting to your spirit guide and receiving assistance. For those golfers who wish to try guide-based putting, I recommend that they follow the same process I used.

Meditate at home and request help from your life guide in the form of a specialist spirit guide who understands golf. Go to your practice putting green and start a conversation in your mind with your new spirit guide. Practice and develop your own golf vocabulary for reading putts or use the one Angus and I use. It may take a few practice sessions before you get reliable communication. Then take it to the course for live play but remember not to disrupt the speed of play.

If you feel it is appropriate, obtain third party confirmation from a medium or other “sensitive” that your new guide is now on your team and ready to assist. If you already have direct contact with your life guide, meditate and ask for similar confirmation. If you don’t readily accept that you are receiving divine help from a spirit guide, you can always say it is your intuition, subconscious self or higher self that is guiding you. In any case, be thankful for the help you receive.

I believe that the spirit guide golf help you get ends once you have learned to incorporate the required mental process into your own pre-shot routine for putting. While you are learning to do this, look at the experience as a conversation with your golf caddy/instructor. Perhaps you may even try to extend the use of guide-based golf to your pre-shot routine for other golf shots (e.g. chipping, pitching, iron shots, driving, etc.).

I believe that Spirit is supportive of this learning process since to be a good putter, one has to learn to quieten the mind, block out distraction and focus. It’s a lot like learning to meditate. Spirit loves it when we meditate.

I am also fond of an old saying, which seems to fit here… “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Being ready means willing to listen. A spirit guide as a golf caddy/instructor – who would have figured?


I am a serious, senior golfer, generally playing to a 12-handicap, and I participate in several amateur golf tournaments each year. To me, golf is a spiritual game.


On July 8, 2016, I was told in an email by my friend and spiritual teacher Annie Stillwater Gray, that Jono, my life guide, had introduced a new spirit guide to my spirit team. This new guide had once lived on Earth as a Scotsman and played the game of golf.