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  • 1992 – I had a strong visitation dream shortly after my Step-mother, Toini, died. Both my Dad, George Sr. (already deceased), and Toini greeted me (on what I now understand to be the astral plane). When my conscious mind could not accept that this was happening, I shot back into my body after travelling through a long tunnel at intense speeds. I have retained a very strong memory of this event.
  • After my wife, Bettina, died of cancer in August 2014, I went through a spiritual emergence. Over the last two years, I have gone from being an "agnostic fence sitter" to a true believer in the existence of an afterlife and the positive influence of Spirit in our lives. For perspective, Bettina and I were married for 30 years though we were dating/a couple for another 9 years before that. So, I was devastated and in shock when she died. I was only informed about her cancer two weeks before she died in hospital. After she passed, I quickly read dozens of spiritual books and e-books in an attempt to learn as much as I could about her continued existence in Spirit. I received basic shamanic training and experienced different forms of personal readings by psychics, shamans, mediums and akashic records readers.
  • I experienced an intense shamanic soul retrieval where afterwards I felt total bliss for three days.
  • I organized a Meet-up Group in Toronto where we have studied spirit guides, with help/readings from Annie Stillwater Gray.
  • I estimate that I have now consciously experienced approximately 100 spiritual influence events (SIEs) over the last two years (August 2014 to present) – experiencing/observing – angel appearances (2), clairaudience (1), physical communication (60, including license plate messages and objects moved), visitation dreams focused on the astral plane (9), telepathy and intuitive guidance and inspiration (12), messages from qualified mediums/shamans (15), spiritual chill (1). As a resut of all this experience, I have learned to be very observant with respect to SIEs.
  • I have maintained a form of regular communications contact with my wife's spirit since her passing.
  • I am a director of, and advisor to, other non-profit organizations and charities.
  • In my spare time, I love to play golf and chess, and ride motorcycles, and I find these activities to be very beneficial for my soul.
  • I regularly attend an open development circle (meditation and mediumship) at Springdale Spiritualist Church, where I have received messages from Spirit and also given short messages to others, which I believe came to me telepathically.
  • I am a professional accountant and IT consultant, with 36 years of business experience (auditing, industry and consulting). As such, I am a left-brained thinker, who over the last two years has learned to work much more with my right brain/creative side, and to trust Spirit.
  • Personal insight: I believe that I am now on my right spiritual path, which is to help, serve and where appropriate, guide my fellow humans. The Society is an extension of my path. I believe that I have learned to show more love and compassion, and to be more flexible and humble. I am still learning to be less judgemental of others. I see myself as a Newly Awakened Lightworker (NAL).
  • Website: Developing the Society's website is a wonderful act of creation and a  labour of love for me.

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The Founders are presently the sole Directors and Officers of the Society.


  • I don't know when I began my conscious relationship with Spirit. My earliest memories are that God loved me, God protected me, and I could talk to him anytime I wanted to and he talked back to me. In nursery school I realized that I knew when the other kids and adults were not being honest. I assumed everyone had this ability, but I quickly learned that not everyone could do what I just knew. I learned to be quiet about it. My first feelings of being "different" surfaced when I was four.
  • During my preteen and teen years, my intuition and "knowing things" gradually increased to where I relied on my inner compass to navigate social interactions. I was intrigued by tarot cards and used them on a regular basis. In my early twenties I predicted that I would die at 25. I had a brain aneurysm burst at 25. My survival was a miracle. All the people who played pivotal roles in my ensuing surgery and recovery had returned to Canada the day prior. All of them were on separate vacations. I now know this to be Divine Timing. It was not my time. I still had other things to accomplish in this lifetime.
  • My schooling and degree were focused on being of service to others. My degree in Criminology/Sociology allowed me, in a spiritual sense, to lead those in the dark to a place of light.
  • On a daily basis, I communicate with my guides, angels, loved ones and most importantly our Creator. I receive daily positive guidance in the form of numbers, thoughts, music and physical sensations. I also channel spirit in everyday conversations.. I know when that happens because I tend to say, "I don't know where that came from!" I also experience synchronicity on a regular basis.
  • I experienced a soul retrieval ceremony where I regained a part of my soul associated with the embarrassment I endured at nursery school. The shaman specifically stated that it was a part of my soul at age four.
  • I had an Akashic records reading done which has answered many of my spiritual queries.
  • I attend a weekly meditation and development circle at The Springdale Spiritual Church in Toronto. I also attend weekly lectures and haven taken courses offered through The Spiritualist Church of Canada,
  • Personal insight: I decided to join Spiritual Influence Society because it provides a comprehensive overview of spiritual resources, experiences and practices. Each of us is travelling on our own spiritual pathway. Following from this, our reasons for investigating the world of Spirit vary from individual to individual.
  • Website: The Society's website allows the seeker to browse the material to find that which resonates with them. In my opinion, the Society can be viewed as a springboard for some and/or as a resource for others.

George Supol, Annie Stillwater Gray and Kathryn Boyes

Ruth McRae, Annie Stillwater Gray and Sandy, a friend


  • 1983 – My deceased grandfather appeared to me one night - just standing at the doorway of my bedroom.
  • 1983 – The movie "Out on a Limb' made a huge impression on me. I wrote to Shirley McLaine who sent me a list of books to read. 
  • 1990 – I was contacted by my grandmother who passed shortly before I have birth to my daughter and who helped hold my energy during the birth process.
  • 1991 – I started learning how to meditate and practice Kryia Hatha Yoga.
  • 1992 – I joined a meditation group and learned how to be open for channeling.
  • 1993 – I attended a developmental class in Gault. Attended spiritual healing classes & Therapeutic Touch.
  • 1999 – I started a channeling group for healing the Earth by opening light portals as guided by spirit - once a month, still in progress.
  • I have attended many spiritual seminars/symposiums since 1983.
  • I regularly give spiritual guidance and channelled messages.
  • I have edited two spiritual books.
  • I have been in regular touch with my life guide and my mom who passed two years ago.
  • 2016 – I am becoming an Akashic records reader - in process of certification.
  • Personal insight: Channeling is a process by which one allows spirit to sit in their body and speak through their vocal cords. It's like the channel sits by the wayside listening to someone else speak. Following the session, I personally feel quite tired and needing to ground. Being able to channel is a divine gift and it comes with much responsibility. It should not be performed as a form of entertainment. I only channel in a meditation group and generally the messages benefits all individuals in the group. After all, WE ARE ALL ONE.
  • Website: I believe the Society's website will be quite beneficial for all seekers who want the understanding of what happens to us after we pass. Who are we? How did we get here? Why did we come? What happens to our loved ones who have passed? Where do they go? ..... The site has a fountain of information that gives clarity and alleviates fear. All the books mentioned on the site are there to help all of us prepare and be aware that we do have spirit guides, that they do help us and love us and that we are never alone. There is much confirmation on the site that spirit friends and guides are around us helping us all the time and loving us unconditionally. If only we could love ourselves as Spirit loves us, well, the world would be a better place.

"Trio of Spiritual Truth"