The experiences listed below, in this navigation section, may lead to us receiving positive influence from Spirit. We refer to individual instances of receiving positive spiritual influence as "spiritual influence events" or SIEs. In other words, these experiences are all potential SIEs – methods of receiving positive communication, guidance and inspiration from Spirit.

The experiences have been separated into four (4) types – those initiated by humans (simple and complex), those resulting from accident, illness or injury, and those initiated by Spirit. Complex experiences initiated by humans require a higher degree of psychic development. Experiences resulting from accident/illness/injury or those initiated by Spirit just require us to be observant.





Other focused activity (e.g. Spirit guide golf)


I recently read something at aetherius.org that struck a chord for me. Some people get confused between being psychic and being spiritual. One person may be extremely spiritual with virtually no psychic ability at all. Another person may be very unspiritual with excellent psychic ability. Of the two, it is far better to be spiritual: spirituality is an awareness of the Divinity within and a conscious effort to live and act in the light of this knowledge by devoting your life in service to others. 
I'm sure that Spirit is happiest when our focus as humans is on the spiritual.
Some positive reasons or motivations for Spirit to influence (i.e. communicate with, guide or inspire) us, either on a conscious or subconscious level:
  • To respond to our requests (or cries) for divine help whether explicitly or tacitly given by us.
  • To let us know that our loved ones who have passed are OK in Spirit. In some cases, to provide validation for continuation of our loved one's existence.
  • To give us messages of love, appreciation or thanks, or to deal with unfinished business including asking us for forgiveness and to release our emotional ties.
  • To show us the afterlife.
  • To inspire us to do things that will increase our spiritual vibration or avoid doing things that will decrease it.
  • To nudge us in the "right" direction.
  • To inspire us to become active lightworkers for Spirit.
  • To help us find/stay on our spiritual path for our current incarnation.
  • To let us know that our efforts to build psychic muscle are working.
  • To reduce our suffering or grief, and to calm us when we are emotionally charged.
  • To give us healing, both at the physical and soul levels. To ease our pain.
  • To help us increase our confidence and self-esteem.
  • To keep us out of harm's way, if possible.
  • To give us guidance and impart wisdom to us.
  • To help us answer questions that are important to us, e.g. relationships.
  • To let us experience Spirit energy.
  • To help us better enjoy our hobbies, sports or creative activities, especially when we request such help.
  • To help us find important keepsakes that we have lost (e.g. a wedding ring).
  • To help us ease our crossing over to Spirit, when it is our time.
  • Other reasons.

Most people, who are not "open" to Spirit, and so not open to receiving communication, guidance and inspiration from Spirit, will typically miss the spiritual influence. Some may notice but attribute it to being a chance occurrence or an unexplainable "synchronicity from the universe."


Near-death experience (NDE)

Kundalini awakening