We sometimes refer to God by different names... Divine Creator, Great Spirit, Godhead, Higher Power, Source, El Cantare, etc. all of which are suitable.

But, our actual understanding of who or what God is, changes depending on our perspective (human or spirit) and our spiritual development.

Seth, a spirit being who was channeled by Jane Roberts in the early 1970's, explains that we think of God in terms of our own physical image because that's what we understand best. Seth goes on to explain further that we are actually multidimensional beings and exist simultaneously in both physical and non-physical systems of reality.

Seth continues...The portion of ourselves that we experience in our small corner of physical reality offers only a limited and distorted view of our full existence. Multidimensional awareness is available to us in our dreams, in some trance states, and often even beneath ordinary consciousness as we go about our day. The true multidimensional self, is aware of all its experiences, and this knowledge is to some extent available to those other portions of the self, including of course the physical self as we know it. These various portions of self will eventually become fully aware. God is the Creator and exists in all realities, both physical and nonphysical. We experience God through our own existence. Our understanding of the nature of God changes as we shift to a multidimensional perspective.

Joseph, another spirit being and soul group member, channeled over the past decade, by Michael Reccia and the Band of Light (a non-profit group in the U.K.), explains that we humans are actually all incarnated angelic beings and each a non-destructible, immortal piece of the Creator. Our mission as spirit beings is to experience, learn and evolve. Experience includes physical incarnation. Eventually, when we have progressed far enough, we merge again with the Creator, thus bringing all of our experience, knowledge and wisdom back to the Creator. At that point, we move on to the next universe.



This same explanation of our God-given "mission" was also expressed by Robert Monroe, the well-known astral traveller and experiencer, who wrote three great books about his thirty-plus years of out-of-body experiences, and also founded the The Monroe Institute (TMI). In his final book "Ultimate Journey," Robert Monroe explains the following Knowns about our Creator:

Our Creator:
  • is beyond our comprehension as long as we remain human;
  • is the designer of the ongoing process of which we are a part;
  • has a purpose for such action beyond our ability to understand;
  • makes adjustments, fine tuning, in this process as needed;
  • establishes simple laws that apply to everyone and everything;
  • does not demand worship, adoration, or recognition;
  • does not punish for "evil" or "misdeeds"; and
  • does not intercede or interdict in our life activity.

We believe that the viewpoints of Seth, Joseph and Monroe all contain great wisdom.

God has allowed us to become co-creators and has given us the gift of free will. We are all part of God and our existence (whether in spirit or human form) is an illusion of independence or separation from God. This is all part of Divine design. We are actually all interconnected. We are all one with All That Is.