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Spiritual chills or goosebumps means sensing – energy oscillations from someone else or a thought that we should pay attention to. Their purpose is to show or warn us about something important. It is a validation or indication of truth. The underlying message is specific to the "receiver."

Spirit chills are a gift, sign or guidance from Spirit. Our spirit guides and angels may be trying to communicate with us and send us a message. Chills can act as validation that we are on track, or they can signify a yes answer, a confirmation to a fundamental truth. Spiritual chills may also occur because the spirit guides or angels are reaching out or are present, and the surge of their pure spirit and energy physically manifests through chills.



For me, physical sensations are a validation that Spirit is with me, they are happy with what I am doing and also indicate what I should be doing. For example, when I am watching tv and something comes on that Spirit thinks I should pay attention to, I get covered in goosebumps from head to toe.

I often break out in goosebumps when I engage in spiritual/emotional discussions. In this instance, I know that Spirit is saying "You got it right." For example, George and I were discussing the website, and on a number of occasions during the conversation I broke out in goosebumps. Specifically, when we were talking about master guides and the Joseph material. These goosebumps indicate to me that Spirit is always with us, our personal guides are always listening and actively engage us by sending positive reinforcements,

When I specifically ask for a connection Spirit always responds with a gentle tapping on my cheekbone and a tingling sensation on the top right side of my head. Spirit will also check in with me, like they are doing now, because I am engaged in the distribution of spiritual knowledge. It is not important to me which spirit(s) is/are connecting with me. I am in awe that I have developed a relationship with loving, accepting and nurturing energy.



On December 16, 2016, I experienced my first spiritual chill on the left side of my face, as I was lying on my side in my bed. It was dark and just before I fell asleep. I felt a spirit's energy pass over my face, move onto my back and then roll off. The tingling sensation on my face was incredible. Although, the experience only lasted a few moments, it was so memorable. I will never forget it. I had been experiencing a number of LPMs and grab bar falls during the day, so Spirit was clearly touching in with me.