The founding members of the Society wish to express their shared view that each person's spiritual beliefs and understandings constitute a personal matter. Moreover, beliefs are not in themselves a determinant of how spiritually evolved a person is.

Spiritual Influence Society is not a church or religion. Instead, we view ourselves as a group of like-minded individuals who wish to learn about/experience/teach different forms of spiritual communication and influence. It is not our intention to criticize anyone else's beliefs. We apologize to anyone who is offended by any material presented on our website, but it is impossible to please everyone.

Spiritual experiences we present here include our own personal experiences, plus those of others we have learned about through websites, reading, conferences and personal discussions.



Regardless of our personal beliefs, we are all on a personal journey to evolve spiritually. During our journey, we each get to find and take our own path to enlightenment. This is part of God's gift of free will to each of us. We should pursue our existence with humility and respect for others and their points of view, even if different from our own. We are all part of God and therefore equal to each other.

Below is a YouTube video called, "Purpose of Life," by Hans Wilhelm.












I like to think that we are all travellers on a journey. A journey to learn about, experience and adopt spiritual truths – in short, to evolve as spiritual beings. Our personal spiritual belief system at any point in time represents those "truths" that we have come to accept. We may or may not have had personal experiences to support our beliefs. Some beliefs may be accepted on the basis of faith or simply what resonates with us. This is important perspective.


I offer below my current CORE BELIEFS for your consideration and comparison.

1. I support the principles of Spiritism, a philosophy. I also support the principles of Spiritualism, a religion, though I believe that Spiritism presents the more complete perspective since it addresses reincarnation. Both Spiritism and Spiritualism are covered on our Kardec webpage. I do not presently call myself either a Spiritist or a Spiritualist, though I do attend and participate in Spiritualist Church meetings as part of my own spiritual development plan.

2. I support the perspectives and information channeled from enlightened spirits including – Joseph, Seth and The Guide. These three spirits are covered on our Spiritual Sages webpage. I also support the teachings of the human Swedenborg. To me, all of this information is consistent and resonates with me. I also deem this information to be more complete and reliable than information provided to us by our man-made religions. I tend to avoid religious (or spiritual) practices that rely too much on dogma and religious doctrine. I feel that these are limiting and controlling.

Nevertheless, I do see that man's conventional religions provide some benefits to humans, in the form of presenting a platform to praise/celebrate God and also to give many a moral compass which they might not otherwise have.

3. I support the belief that ascended masters (sometimes referred to as "avatars") including Jesus, Buddha and Krishna, incarnated on Earth in the past in order to carry out extremely important spiritual missions.

4. I fully support prayer, chanting and meditation. Much of Buddhism also resonates with me. I also fully support proper shamanic practice and other forms of drug-free consciousness experience.


My beliefs, as stated above, therefore provide for me the following VIEWPOINT:

a. We are all multidimensional, angelic beings – children of the Divine Creator, embodied here temporarily in physical reality (space-time) to experience life and learn important lessons, and thereby progress our individual souls. We are all different and unique and have our own paths to follow. Through the reincarnation process, we may incarnate on earth (many times), each time with a detailed plan (as either a human male or female) and with the support of a spirit team – namely an assigned life guide and other specialist spirit guides, who may come and go as appropriate to our individual situations. These guides are able to project a portion of their consciousness into our physical reality from nearby spiritual realms (or "spheres").

b. While on earth plane, our conscious minds are cut off from remembering our spiritual origin and soul lives in spiritual realms. We also lose direct access to the memories of our past lives on earth. This is done intentionally so as not to interfere with our current incarnation experience. Some of this information, however, can be accessed by developing spiritual skills (e.g. clair senses) through tools such as meditation, prayer and mediumship, and then turning inward.

c. During each lifetime here on Earth, we may also – experience the presence of, communicate with, or be intuitively guided or inspired by: i) higher spirit beings including archangels, angels, master guides, and teachers; ii) our loved ones in Spirit who love us and miss us and who are concerned about our emotional well being; and iii) our own higher self (subconsciousness) which remains in Spirit (in higher spirit realms) while it has incarnated a portion of itself (a soul) into a physical body. Communication with Spirit may even occur during dreamtime, including "visitation" dreams taking place in the astral plane.

d. Our Earth/human form is not the only incarnation point/corporeal form combination in physical reality.

e. In many cases, we may be part of the same "soul group" as our loved ones (whether physically embodied or in Spirit), so that there is an even closer bond between us that we are not consciously aware of.

f. Our concept of time is only relevant to physical reality. In the spirit realms, time (as we understand it) does not exist. Notwithstanding this, our passage of time must be considered/respected by spirit beings who communicate/interact/visit with us humans.

g. Our mission as angelic beings is to experience and progress ourselves spiritually and eventually bring back all our experiences, knowledge and wisdom to our Divine Creator/Godhead, whom we are co-creators with and also a part of.

h. IMPORTANT! – Spiritual beliefs and knowledge are not enough. The most important thing is our action – i.e. what we do with our spiritual beliefs and knowledge whatever they may be. If we live a good and proper life, show love and compassion, help or serve others, keep an open mind, and raise our spiritual energy vibration, we will progress well in the spirit realms when we cross over.