Angels may sometimes allow us to experience their presence (seeing them and/or feeling their energy). Please see our Observance webpage for some reasons for this. Below are some of our personal experiences with angels.


ANGEL EXPERIENCE (RM Personal Insight)

I was taking my morning walk and as usual talking to the powers that be. I kept repeating that "I understand that those that have faith are blessed but that if only I could get a sign from God, that my guides and angels are really there listening to me, hearing me..... Please God, just a little proof that I am not talking to myself and that I am not crazy."

As I was walking, I was quite startled to see a 7-foot slim, young black man dressed in a white jogging outfit walking by my side, at my pace. Startled I said "Oh my God, you scared the shit out of me! I didn't hear you come up behind me." He smiled a very sweet smile and handed me a daisy and started jogging ahead. By the time I looked at the daisy and looked up again, the man had disappeared. The only proof I had that this happened was the daisy that was still in my hand.



Experience #1 – From my notes ...

On January 5, 2015, I made a one-week golf trip to Florida and met some friends from Toronto down there. This trip was roughly five months after my wife passed. I was really looking forward to getting away. While at the Toronto Pearson airport departure area, I was having a lot of problems getting through check-in. I was running late and there were long line-ups at both the manual and electronic check-in counters. I tried to go through the electronic check-in station a couple of times, and both times my check-in failed. There was now insufficient time to go through the long physical lineups and still make my flight.

I was feeling really stressed out about my situation. I didn’t know what to do next. Out of the blue, someone tapped me on my shoulder from behind and said to me "You look like you could use some help." It was a smartly dressed male airline official that was addressing me. I said "Yes please." He picked up my biggest bag and asked me to follow him. He bypassed the long lineup and took me directly to the end counter where a female airline employee had just finished with a check-in. The official told the woman that I required immediate check-in assistance. The woman complied without question and I was checked in within a few minutes. In the meantime, the helping official had quietly disappeared from sight.

The timing of the help I received was absolutely critical to my ability to get through check-in and customs and board my flight within the necessary time frame. When on the plane, I “knew” that I had received help from a guardian angel. My helper hadn't even bothered to ask me which flight I was on or what time my flight was leaving. It was as if my helper fully understood the situation.

I was still grieving and emotionally vulnerable and Spirit had intervened on my behalf. I told my friends later that evening about my story after they picked me up at the Orlando airport. Everyone was surprised at the level of help I got, without even asking. In my mind, whether the help I received was directly from an angel who took temporary human form, or from a human being that was directly “influenced” by an angel to help me, I know that I received divine help.

Experience #2 – From my notes of August 18, 2016 ...

Last night, I had a very strange dream. It was very real to me, so I think I was projecting into the astral realm. In the dream, I was walking in a very large house. During my walk, I encountered only one spirit and I felt that it was following me. At some point, I talked to it and saw a body disintegrate into raw atoms, though I'm not sure whose body it was – mine or the spirit's or another's.

I woke up as it was very startling and I did some writing and watched The Golf Channel on TV. Eventually, I went back to bed. A little while later, before I fell asleep in the darkness, I looked over my shoulder towards the front door. As I did, there was an immense bright flash inside the front door several feet in the air. There was nothing man-made that could have caused it. My immediate reaction was that I had experienced an angel's presence.

The next day, I checked with my psychic/medium friend, Annie Stillwater Gray, about my experience. She checked with her own spirit guide Darci, and later confirmed to me that I had experienced a being from the angelic realm who was looking in on me, at the request of my wife Bettina, who was busy in Spirit. So, once again my initial instincts were spot on. Annie said that the flash was intended as an attention grabber. I was meant to experience it.